Monday, March 2, 2015

Watch Me Work - 1:6 scale miniature Raw Prawn Nigiri - Youtube Video

I have a new video up on my youtube channel ^_^

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I call this series of videos "Watch Me Work" because I am actually working on a paid commission for this sushi set. Pity I hadn't figured out how to use my DSLR better before I started or I would have had better documentation XD Then again, who knows!

Since the old laptop hiccuped, I swapped it out for this new, or rather, the fiance's ex-laptop. This meant that I have loads more memory to save videos and photos. Best of all, it means it has a WORKING DVD DRIVE which meant, I could finally install the Canon Utilities that came with the camera!!! Which I had previously given up on.......and with the remote and live view capabilities, sharper images and easier photosessionssssssssssss AHHHHHH!!! The last weekend was spent hunting down a cheap tripod, even though I had been advised to invest in one, it is simply not possible at the moment. All my angpow $ has gone to paying for wedding-related I got a cheapo SGD$17 plastic tripod from Challenger....well, it works for now, until I can afford better :)

So to celebrate my new skillsets and improved photography, I have taken about 6 videos documenting -most- of my process for this raw prawn is so difficult for me to concentrate on keeping my hands in frame, and worrying about battery life (no power adapter) and focus simply distracts me from my actual -paid- work, 'sides, when I work on minis, the world drops away and time slips and slides from me...........*blissful look*

 Where was I? Oh yes!
This little thing :D I've taken videos of the whole process up to the painting portion, which I had to give up on since there was no way for me to record the painting as I often hitch my glasses up onto my head and squint while painting it, oh, maybe 5cm away from my nose? Bifocals might be a necessity soon T-T @_@

Editing the videos take up a lot of time, this first one took me a good 6 hrs as I tried to figure out all the functions in Windows Movie Maker. Tried to install Lightworks as I wanted to add a logo, alas, all sorts of errors kept popping up and....*heavy sigh*

Will continue editing part 2 tomorrow, meanwhile, please enjoy the video, and remember to Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share if you wish to see more of "Watch Me Work"!


  1. Ah that's clever using baby oil so you don't stick to the clay. Your hands must be a soft as..well erm, a baby =0) I'm not going to pretend I'm going to do any of these tutorials because they are way above me, but I like watching anyway =0)

  2. I agree with Pepper's comment about the use of the baby oil and the use of the cling wrap to shape the prawn! I am always intrigued by the techniques that clay artists use to complete a project. Many of the methods are simple but what a difference that they make to the finished work! I never would have thought of actually using the plastic film other than to store the clay in. What you have demonstrated is really Brilliant and Thank You for allowing us to Watch You Work! :))



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