Saturday, March 28, 2015

New 1:12 miniature cupcake box printables

 A request came in after my last post, which asked for my old cupcake printable to come in 4 different pastel shades. I decided to adjust the sizings since I was doing quite a bit of editing, to update the printable, and even worked on a tutorial/guide to accompany the printable :)

This guide includes tips and tricks that any beginner to working with miniature printables will be able to create quickly, batches of neat and professional looking boxes in miniature :) I discuss, with the help of photos, which papers to use, folding, assembly and cutting techniques so that the boxes turn out perfect every single time!

There is also an 'outline' version available in dark brown, which means you can print on pretty much any A4 coloured papers ^_^ so cute!

I hope you enjoy making the boxes! You can also view my other printables here:

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