Friday, February 14, 2014

More items for the 1:12 tidbits stall....

1:12 scale miniature Milo can register. Inkscape, aluminum, decal, acrylics

Just completed this moments ago. It was alot of guesswork what image to use/make, and I went with one from the late 70s/early 80s as it was simpler, and I could age it so it'd fit :D

This was a common sight during my childhood. Electronic cash registers were not affordable I s'pose, and many hawker stalls and neighbourhood shops used a pulley system with a large MILO can as their cash register!

 1:12 scale miniature wafer circles
 This wafer biscuit was a fave of mine (one of many haha -_-") and of course it had to be available in this stall :P For those outside of S.E. Asia, did you also get to try these, or do you have similar in your region? It's quite tasteless...a mild sweetness if I recall. Now that I'm done with making it in mini, it can be consumed bwa ha ha. Doubt I'd enjoy it as much as when I was a kid though :P

1:12 miniature lollipops. Brush bristles, clay, decal, Inkscape
 Can you guess how many lollipops there are in this half inch diameter container (really a pill blister-pack thingum)? Not sure how many baby teeth I'd lost to these.

1:12 miniature Ding Dang and Tora boxes. Inkscape, decal, paper

The Ding Dang boxes used to contain a toy and a few chocolate coated biscuit balls which were TERRIBLE. The centres were supposed to be a crumbly biscuity thing, but to me, it was plasticky and horrific, like a plasticized version of corn puffs (?!). When my brother would share his chocs with me, I'd suck off the chocolate and spit out the centres. No point chafing off the roof of my mouth! kekekeke. I don't recall trying the Tora ones though. Ding Dang put me off similar snacks until I found Maltesers.......... :E

SO that's what I've been up to. Still lots more to do, am quickly losing steam (AND TIME) but am really happy with what I've done so far. :)


  1. I cannot stop gushing over your work and amazing talent - I hope you will make one for sale soon enough; I will be the first in line! :D

    1. awwww *blush* I will try my best! Thanks for the support! ^_^

  2. Ha, I am at this very moment working my way through a box of Maltesers! Mmm. You know, the sweeties you had seem far more interesting than the ones from my youth. I can't remember getting a toys in a sweet pack. I feel robbed!! harhar

    1. The snacks in the packs were so awful they had to toss in a toy to get them to sell!!! XD XD XD

  3. Me encanta lo realistas que te quedan los paquetes de chuches, perfectos.
    Un abrazo.
    Villa Pulgarcito.

  4. Hi Cindy,

    Your mini food work is fantastic!

    I thank you for mentioning/introducing me Inkscape too... Such an awesome program <3

    I do have a few questions I wonder if you would be willing to answer:

    - How come some of your packets you mention are decal sheets and decal & paper?
    - Are the ones only decal, actually done onto plastic or does the decal sheet give a plastic like surface?
    - If decal only, do you leave the sheet whole? Backing and all?

    Thanks in advance if you choose to respond :)



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