Sunday, February 2, 2014

A 1:12 scale miniature scale

1:12 scale dollhouse miniature mechanical scale, aluminum, paper, glue, plastic

 Yes, I really did make it myself, from scratch, out of aluminum sheets and drew up the scale face using Inkscape. It hadn't occurred to me that it would be unusual to find a metric scale in 1:12 until someone commented on it in my Flickr stream. It is rather an interesting thought eh? kekekekekeke

This scale took me over 8 hours in total to make as I did it through trial & error. I've long stopped looking for tutorials and such since there's no real way of making anything in mini anyway. Haven't found a suitable material for cutting out the ...hand?(? is it called that? the pointer? wuh?) or i'd try to make that more convincing. Toyed with the idea of even spring loading the top bit but eh, it's going into the roombox...

I'll go more into detail about why this scale is so important to me once I've completed this project!

1:12 scale dollhouse miniature flying gliders. Paper, glue, sealant

There will be a few more novelty items to go into the tidbits stall, here's the first of the lot ;)

Chinese New Year was fun and I'm glad that the first few hectic days are over. Here's to a more productive year!!!


  1. Wonderful scale. You did a great job. Fortunately we forget the time (and nerves) we spend :))
    Warm regards

    1. Hey Andrea! Oh yes, or we'd never make anything new again XD

  2. Wonderful scale, Cindy. I agree that tutorials are so hard to find...sometimes trial and error work best. And of course, patience :-)

  3. Cindy, what shall I say? you know that I consider you a genius !!!
    You MUST show up yourselves, write a book, go to congresses, do anything but make yourselves known to the whole world as the great artist you are.
    Your admirer, Rosanna


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