Sunday, February 9, 2014

Miniature Designer Chairs in 1:12

This is a long overdue post! My cousin went to an exhibition last year, and bought these for me as a birthday gift, but I was kept busy all the way till now :P Thank you again D!

I'm super sure that those who collect modern miniatures are familiar with these. Although I am not knowledgeable AT ALL about furniture design, this collection has been on the top of my mini-wishlist for ages, because it is very well made and to scale too!

This is how it's packaged.

The big red sofa was a gift from Sans! a few years back, and although not part of the set, it's manufactured by the same company, reacjapan (they have an online store:

These have got to be my fave, I think they're by Eames....I actually already have one of the office chairs but it broke after I accidentally crushed it while storing some of my minis T-T So glad I have a spare now HWA HWA HWA

These adorable elephant stools are D's fave! I think they're SQUEEEE!!!!! :P

and more Eames' chairs behind (ey, are they all Eames?! LOL I think they are! HA! *embarrassed*)

so beautiful......the white one reminds me of Zero from Nightmare before Christmas XD

I hope to eventually own all of the mini designer chairs, but for now, I'm super duper happy to have these. If they were huggable I'd hug 'em and pat 'em and squeeze 'em HAW HAW HAW (anyone watch Animaniacs??)

If you were wondering what these have to do with my current 80s project...NOTHING! But I'm sorting out my folders and thought it was about time these came to light :P

Tempted to get a set too? or do you already have multiple sets? :E

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