Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eggs Benedict, Asparagus and Coffee in 1:3

Miniature Eggs Benedict, with asparagus, made out of polymer clay. I've never tried hollandaise sauce before, probably why it took me 4 tries (and more than 4 hours) to mix the colour for it -_-"

the asparagus...aiee. that was another issue for me. my initial batch, i showed bf while i was doing them halfway, and he said they're too dark!!! it was late last night and i mulled over it on the journey home, 'twas the first thing i thought about when i woke up, and as soon as i got back into the office, i remixed the batch so that it had more 'tones' and variances in colour.

total time for the asparagus (including mixing colours and conditioning)...8 fricking hours!!!! *groans*

but. i need to move on, and wished desperately i could tolerate caffeine (which i can't T-T) so....

same commish, for a 1:3 cup and saucer with coffee art. I made the cup and saucer too....

out of air dry clay (la doll premier)....i thought my previous commission was long, this took longer!!! =_=""""" but it was a challenge, and you know me and challenges....

though speaking of challenges, i've sort of given up on the "I'm a giant challenge"...fond as i was of it, i have had hardly any time to myself what with the stuff going on around me and the commissions i'm committed i think Emily herself has either given up or likewise not found the time to complete it. my little 1:24 bakery/cafe is still sitting on one of my chairs in the office -_-""" no matter. i'm not hoping for any downtime but if i do, it'll be there. waiting. just like my abandoned 1:12 secret project XD

and then there's this to round up this commission....

some 1:4 muffins! i actually went to buy one (cos i love cranberries) to check out measurements and well, research is always a good excuse to have dessert ;P

ok now to move on back to something smaller scaled. going to start on that soon! have a great weekend ^ ^ (it's DATE NIGHT TONIGHT WOOHOO!!! FINALLY!!!!!)


  1. How can you be so talented? Everything looks absolutely real!

  2. date night tonight? yeah well I know you posted about minis, but hey, my mind focused on your life XD

  3. I'm with Stephanie: date night? FABULOUS!!!
    hugs, Rosanna

  4. OH MY GOD! They look SO real! You're amazing!

  5. Oh my goodness. Those are so cute, awesome, and yummy looking. I love the muffins and coffee.

  6. Looks amazing! Great job on everything really - don't have a favorite - but the muffins are great!!! I think I want to hire you for some desserts!!! Hahaha!

  7. ^ ^ PHEW! I'm done with packing orders, taking a break before I start on something new!

    Thanks for all the kind comments on my works :) I always enjoy making foods i've never tried before XD Gives me a good excuse to try them, cos i'm not nearly as adventurous with food as i am with clay! :D :D :D

  8. The coffee art is brilliant! You never cease to amaze me with your mini creations =0)


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