Thursday, January 12, 2012

Singapore Favourites in Miniature

Nasi Lemak in 1:12, done during a lesson with beginner student (partly demonstrated by me)....i don't feel comfortable saying it's done entirely by her (she insisted the fish was mostly done by me LOL we were running out of time and I had to show her!)

was a little too ambitious in trying to squeeze these many items into a 2-hr lesson, especially to someone who's totally new to miniature-making and clay! this was done in air dry clay, which is something i often recommend to newcomers, mostly because there's lesser investment than polymer clay....i think we did pretty well :) She was really fun to teach, and very understanding about my situation.

(NOT a favourite, but eh....)

I had fallen ill with food poisoning the night before, i thought i'd shaken it but midway through the lesson i had to go uhhh toss my cookies again :( i was so sick that i couldn't make it to the clinic until thursday (the lesson was on last tues night), and by saturday i was still puking my guts out (that's just the least of it :X :X :X ), in fact i think i'd even reacted badly to the antibiotics -_-" dad 'kidnapped' me to the hospital for treatment despite my protests (and tears, yes, i hate going to hospitals THAT MUCH), doc wanted to ward me but i insisted on getting out, so she said ok, 2 hr observation after medication and that's my umpteenth drip in this lifetime. the backs of my hands are practically freckled with drip scars i'm so sick of hospitals AUGH!! curse this weak stomach and constitution.


so that was last week. i'm MUCH better now, although a little lonesome cos bf had to go in this week for reservist training. that joker told me he was so relieved, and applauded my dad's tactics in getting me treated -_-" he said at least he knew i'm being cared for while he's away...i suppose this episode has taught me that............

ER docs have a great sense of humour.

so does dad.

and bf.

and i must have, too, since i'm grinning at the recollection of it all.


so back to miniatures. where's that CNY post I promised eh!??!?!

1:6 prototypes of bak kwa (a type of sweet pork jerky we have here, very super popular during chinese new year) and nonya love letters. i think i'll try and roll up the love letters a little tighter for the actual item. plan to make a set for bf's mom.....

these twice as large, 1:3.....i have some other goodies in mind (and in progress, molds have been made but no time no time!) but judging from my to-do list and last week's shenanigans, i don't think i have time to make more :( ah well. maybe if there's a CNY doll gathering i'll bring them along.....


there's been a lot of differently scaled items i have been working on, mainly this 1:24 commission that came in early last week. i only have 1 item in the list left to complete, but since my hands cramped up rather badly since i had to use tweezers to wrap these teeny tinies, i decided to take a break and update this blog.
a 1:12 vs 1:24 pic. that's a re-make of the toffee coin i talked about re-doing previously.
yes, they're detailed on the inside too. approx 1.5mm-2mm (excluding the long one, of course). which is your fave?? i like the strawberry cream one BEST. i remember picking through each container to get just the red cellophane wrapped strawberry dreams MM MMMM they were the only ones i liked really. no no, i'm not a picky eater, i also like the long toffee centred one when i've finished up the strawberry dreams :P

more choc chip cookies, this time i coloured it to match the cookies on the packaging, though not as picture perfect, i mean c'mon, the cookies i buy seldom ever look as promised on the package!!!

when the request came in for these 1:24 items, i thought to myself....geee.....really?? can i do it? i'd already struggled with the 1:12 versions.....and the 1:24 ones would be what, 1mm long!!!! but you know what, i'd already prepared the packagings for my 1:24 roombox, so i decided to accept the challenge. they were so tiny i packed them up for easier manipulation.

just for fun, i took photos of these with 1:6 versions :)

 1:24 gummy bears??!??! mmyep. 1mm gummy bears.
they're made out of polymer clay, unlike my 1:12 versions (which were made out of epoxy resin) shown here for be honest i freaked out a little making these, firstly they're so tiny and since my magnifying glass is at home (it's a bulky heavy workstation by Tamiya) i made the mold/master entirely by intuition. i mean really, there's no point me squinting and giving myself a headache since i can't see it anyway no matter how i tried. luckily they turned out reasonably gummy-bear shaped (i think!). the green was left intentionally as is, i thought about mixing it a little lighter, but at 1:24....i figured the colours could stand being a little bolder.

wow you're still reading? thanks! i always try and ramble less, but i'm bored and forcing myself to relax the hands so i can continue working later.....

i have 1 more item to complete, as i've said earlier, but here's a semi-group shot :)

back to larger scaled items.......

1:3 heart shaped choc cookies

part of an older commission

a more recent request, in 1:3. people seem to like the cookies huh! making me crave for some zzzzzz

aaaaand, another request (2 actually) for 1:6 aka playscale (Barbie, Blythe, Pullip, YoSD) Goldfish Crackers. might list these if there's any demand. oh and the shapes are new and the smiles individually put on :) my newer 1:12 versions will be a similar shape, there's only 1 left of the older design in my Etsy, if anyone's interested. The newer version will cost more, since they are more laborious to make and come with (in?) laser printed packaging.

ok i think that's it for now. there'll be more updates and items added to my Etsy hopefully by next week.

back to work!


  1. Oh, my! What a time you have been through and I'm so sorry to hear you were at the hospital, too. :(

    Hopefully, you are on the mend now and are feeling much better.

    I'm already a huge fan of the goldfish and gummy bears. That you can make them both so tiny is amazing.

    I have to say, I love these cookies you are making. Are these Pepperridge Farms? The Sausalito, I think that is the name are my favorites. I think they are white chocolate and macadameia nuts? I dunno, it's been a long time since I had them. lol

    You are one busy lady! :)

  2. Sorry to hear you've been so sick. Glad you're feeling better though. Your items look great, as always! Those gummy bears nust have left you feeling cross eyed, they're so unbelievably tiny! I've tried doing a 1:12 gummy bear once, but it ended up looking really bad. I may have to buy some real bears for reference instead of using pictures off the internet. Yeah, a nice big bag, in case one gets lost. Or two. Or twenty.

  3. *grins at Dale* yea i'm trying to catch up with requests, no rest for the weary!!! the package is for Dark Chocolate Pecan, my fave is dark choc, i seldom pick any other if dark choc is available, and i love nuts you always say, i'm nuts! XD

    yea i gotta get back to work, am compiling my to-do list now...busy is good but i'm a little...@_@ now...

  4. Thanks Pei! it takes a lot of trial and error, i've got tonnes of wasted wonky bears that will be tossed out when i can 'bear to' HURHUR.


    yea i haven't had time to buy some, i keep wanting to take big/small photos...the gummy bears we get here are pretty 'human-sized' gummy bears often get 'lost' pretty fast too :X

  5. My dear, you have been busy, haven't you? both in nice and nasty sides. I am so glad that you are on the mend, take care of yourselves , there is only one Cindy and that's YOU! therefore I am very happy that your dad and bf played the bossyboots with you: you need to be looked after ;o))
    I shant tell you that your works are reat: you know that!
    Hugs, Rosanna

  6. *grins* Rosanna you're so funny about the 'bossyboots'...i'm too much of a control freak and think that i'm stronger than i actually am....probably why i'm always pushing myself so hard i hate being weak :(

  7. WOW~!! I cant believe you made 1/24 scale versions! They're soo tiny! How do you do it?! I can't believe it's even possible! Anyway, I'm sorry you got food poisoning! I hope you feel better! xoxo, Amy

  8. Hi Cindy! I envy (the innocuous type) your students. When I see this fantastic result after only one lesson, I want to live near you!
    I'm sorry you have needed to go to the hospital. Take care of yourself, OK?

  9. Cindy, so sorry to hear that you were sick! I hate needles and hospitals too! :/

    The 1:24 gummy bears are unbelievably tiny and detailed. I don't know how you do it but I am always in awe of your talent!

    I love the Pepperidge Farms cookies too! :)

    Please do take care of yourself!

  10. You feeling better ?

    In case you don't know already, fabulous work! That nasi lemak rocks! Not enough chilli for me though ;)

  11. Sorry to hear you were sick! But your gummy bears, cookies, and goldfish are amazing! So tiny!!! The packages are adorable too, Did you design them yourself or shrink down original packages. Either way, great work!

  12. How in the world do you not go blind?!? I'm still blown away by how small you can make things. Serious talent my lady!! So sorry about the food poisoning. Man that sucks. Hope you are doing mush better now. :D

  13. Your work is amazing! Question.... Do you sell molds? I'm looking for a gummy bear mold and saw you said you made a master one. Would you be willing to make a mold and sell it? I'm looking for something like this for my gingerbread houses I'm making for my family


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