Friday, January 20, 2012

Breakfast in 1:4

I made everything, except the jar :)

Plate/Mug : La Doll Air Dry Clay

Coffee Art/Jam: Resin + Acrylics

Toast: Polymer clay

This request came in via my Etsy store early this month, and it must have been one of the longest commissions I've ever undertaken. Mostly in part due to this:

I fell in love with the mug when my customer showed me the photo. the slot at the bottom is supposed to be for biscuits!!! how adorable, right???? but construction was really quite the headache, as i had to wait for the different components to dry before i could the handle, the base etc....i've reinforced the handle with wire too :) the longest part of it apart from the waiting was the sanding and priming and painting and varnishing....really really tedious. not difficult per se (i expected it to be more hellish since it's rather 'precise' work?) just....tedious. and dusty. XD

i hope it looks realistic? o.O

i did say i loved it right? huhuhu! this is my own mug! no actually, i prepared 2 just in case 1 didn't work out...i tend to do that if i'm making something tricky that takes a long time/multiple steps just in case i had to start over.....luckily i didn't, so the extra mug is MINE ALL MINE!!! my own mug is kinda rough around the edges, cos i had not much time to uhhh 'refine' it....ah well. it's just like me then! ;P
i love eating toast! with loads of butter! though i really really try not to :P the oven at home short-circuited a few weeks ago (i turned it on and a flash went off inside, causing a blackout XD ) so this is the closest to toast i've had since T-T grilled cheese sammiches are NOT THE SAME~~~ *whiny voice*. 

:) this took a long time too, mainly in searching for the jar, and re-doing the artwork on the label (modified slightly from the original label....) i don't think i've tried chunky peach jam before, maybe the closest i've had was...apricot preserve? in my mind they would taste the same......:S

ok that's it for now. the next one will be rather ambitious and interesting, and in 1:3 O.O it'll be a busy busy week, Chinese New Year is just around the corner!!! i'm still rushing to make the gift that i always do for bf's mom, and will be helping with reunion dinner shopping....and poor bf found out today that his lungs got infected (probably complications arising from hand foot mouth disease....:( ) so this will make it coming to 3 weeks since we've been together (waving through a locked gate 2 metres apart does not count ToT *sniffles sadly*)....i hope everyone's had a better time than he has!!

back to work! i hope to update again before i leave for the weekend. meanwhile, HUAT ARR GONG XI FA CAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~!!!


  1. First: the mug is uber fabulous !
    Second: poor bf deserves all my simpathy , send my best wishes to him.
    Third: is Granny fine now ?
    Fourth: you never stop amzing me
    Fifth: peach jam does not taste like apricot .... apricot is way better for me :o)
    Hus, Rosanna

  2. Seriously...omg you MADE the plate and MUG. Gorgeous just gorgeous! Your preserves look spot on! Hope bf gets better soon, so y'all can be together again soon!

  3. Oh My! They;re amazing! I love the mug and the foam looks so real! Actually everything looks real! Great great job! The work definitely paid off!

  4. haha! I wasn't sure if it was real or mini when I saw it on Flickr (as a matter of fact I was like "ok so it's a picture of a breakfast, hmm") and now I see it was you! huhu! Cool work!

  5. That toast looks so yummy! My mouth is watering! :-D Jennifer

  6. Es tan real que dan ganas de comerse esas tostadas con el cafetito, que tiene una pinta de estar buenísimo.

  7. Yay! A blog post just for my commission! I am uber excited for this - and I know I have thanked you a lot, but I can't get over how awesome this is! THANKS!

  8. *hugs* Rosanna~
    1) thank you!
    2) i hope he's better i haven't called to check how he is, he's coughing quite badly so i feel bad making him talk :(
    3) Grandma is fine now, though her 4th bro died at 4am this morning. :( we're all quite numb to this since she's the eldest at 84 this year, and attending funerals has become...a rather regular affair :-/
    4) *blush*
    5) hrmm i like canned peaches, perhaps it tastes like that, syrupy sweet? when i was a kid i had a peaches and cream barbie that smelt of it too hurhur!

    Thank you thank you i hope it's a good one this year! HUAT ARR!

  9. Hi Deborah! how's the moving coming along?? all unpacked now??

    thanks so much for all the compliments and well wishes....yea reunion dinner at his family might not be a good idea since he might still be contagious and all...:(

  10. thanks Crafter's Delights! (Amy, right?) i'm glad my customer likes it! ^ ^

  11. haha Stephanie...that's a GOOD THING! XD

  12. Jennifer, i miss eating toast T-T

  13. Gracias Maribel, echo de menos tomar un café también! No he tenido el café en años!

  14. haha Shuklyah, you have revealed yourself here! XD I'm so glad you like it, it is now safely wrapped in bubble wrap + box + ANOTHER box ready to be mailed on Wed....nono thank -YOU- for giving me this awesome opportunity! ^ ^

  15. I have missed so many posts..Cinds, your ID no longer link me to your blog so have to google for you :). I am amazed that you have moved again so far ahead, this time with ceramics! I will so buy the real life version of the mug. Very well designed! Your version is a perfect replica. And yes, the "art" coffee looks real as does your toast :)

  16. Из чего вы делаете такую потрясающую жидкость кофе в кружке??? очень аппетитно выглядит!!!


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