Saturday, February 4, 2012

Miniature Strawberry Cake and Cupcakes in 1:6

I had a cute little request for 1:6 miniature strawberry cake and cupcakes early last month, but i was unusually (:( ) busy/sick so only managed to start on it this week.

done in air dry clay. this is actually a duplicate (and doubled in size too!) of a 1:12 cake i made previously:

She also wanted matching cupcakes!

i usually make a few extras (just in case they roll out of sight or get swallowed by the carpet) so here's a couple of strawberry cupcakes that i'll make available soon (gotta take better photos, these were taken late in the day)

more pics can be found on my flickr :)


prepared some tool kits, have a couple of confirmed lessons to prepare for, these starter kits are for students who take up beginner courses :) rushing through this entry as a lesson is about to start in half hr, and i'm quite excited! fun fun fun! :D


  1. The cakes look good! Do you put your cakes in the refrigerator before slicing them? My slices always come out more distorted than I like from the cutting. And I wish I was in Singapore so I could attend one of your classes. :)

  2. You may not believe this but I was just thinking of your strawberry cakes and all strawberry related minis this morning. Will tell you why when we meet :)

  3. Wow! Strawberries looks like real! :O and good color! I am always amazed at your works, because if your fingers are not beside miniature food, I think your miniatures are real food.

  4. Thank you ladies!!! :D :D

    Pei, these were made out of air dry clay, i wait till they're dry to cut, hence no distortion!

  5. I read your recent posts in one time and get so much inspiration!!
    You are so GREAT!!! :)

  6. The strawberries look so real! I just want to grab and eat them! Great job (as always)! xoxo, Amy

  7. Hi Peiwen you're back from hols???

  8. Most adorable cupcake eva!!!


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