Monday, February 13, 2012

Miniature savoury (savory?) foods

 I don't ordinarily do savoury (that's how I learnt to spell it!!!)/savory foods, but recently have been making quite a number of them. totally enjoy it though, learning that browns/ochres are challenging, but can be beautiful too :)

These were made as part of a swap with Pepper of, her work is super awesome and makes me go all wobbly and  KYAAA~~~!'s on its way to her, i hope it arrives safely!!! the trifle took the longest because i couldn't quite get the deep dark colour of the strawberry jelly portion right, and when i did the fricking dye ran into the polymer clay centre/custard portion and turned it pink -_-" and the resin had already set!!! AUGH!!! pissed me right off. but at least now i know. :S

closeups of my big fingers :E


This order was really fun to make! it was a challenge, and I tried my best to interpret what my friend CH envisioned...we spent quite a number of hours and sending drawings back and forth to come up with this pair of earrings.
 i hope her friend likes it! it's made entirely out of polymer clay, and took longer than expected only cos i kept messing up the plate (initially used tebineri thinking it'd be sturdier than PC, BZZZZZZZZZZT)
in case you were wondering what's on thes ashimi platter, it's tako and lemon slices, with a sake sashimi rose, amaebi, pickled ginger chrysanthemum and wasabi leaf. the handroll platter has a fois gras and ikura handroll, with 2 slices of lemon, pickled ginger rosee and wasabi 'comet' :P

it would make a pretty nice miniature 1:12 japanese meal eh!

aaaaaaaand....i'm back to sweets ;)

1:12 miniature toddler cereal bars, also a customer request :)

another customer of mine has asked for more 1:24 items, so i promised her some prototypes......

 1:24 miniature fruit candy & 1:24 miniature gummy bears
1:24 miniature licorice allsorts & 1:24 miniature mini-marshmallows ^ ^

mmhmm. really. teeny. tiny. each square is 1mm wide.

that's it for updates for now! today's lesson has been postponed, so took the freed up time to blog. 

back to work......@ @


  1. i really like those toddlers cereal bars :)
    And I can imagine a 1:24 scale candy shop...
    sigh... really no time for miniatures these days. You help fill up my emptiness.

  2. I LOVE what you have been making and your sense of humor!
    :) Great sushi and sashimi platter earrings!

  3. Wow, you have been very productive. Everything looks yummy (as always) I always look forward to seeing what you are working on.

  4. Dear Sifu, it is a real challenge 1:24 ... really impressive, I doubt I can make it! Perhaps can post a magnifying glass over the tiny.teeny when the photo is taken to emphasize the fine micro-miniature work:). By the way, a Happy Valentine to you & your family!

  5. ilovelittlethings, your little toddler must be keeping you busy huh! don't despair, find time! make time! minis are sooo addictive...:O

  6. heh thank you Amber Dawn :) i'm just being silly...:P

  7. Thanks Mary! i hope to update soon with some items i received in the mail ;) i'm still hyped up about it!! i'm like a little kid who can't wait to show off her new dress!!! XD

    you seem to be busy as well, so many swaps!!!

  8. aiyo Wellajoy, i not sifu le T-T i only like sharing my love for this craft :D yea i'm having problems taking pics of the 1mm stuff, need to get me a 'proper' camera with macro lens XD

    Happy belated Valentine's day!! what did you do to celebrate???


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