Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tackling Greens

i recently was asked if i could do a salad in 1:3. i took in a deep breath, and replied that i would first do a mock up, and then she could decide if she wanted to commission a salad from me. i hadn't even given a quote as i was so lacking in confidence with working with greens.

1:3 salad

1:4 salad

1:6 salad (on a rement plate cos i can't find a glass bowl in 1:6 and 1:12 :( )

1:12 in sylvanian families bowl

1:6 vs 1:12, cos i really like big-small pics ^ ^

after hours and hours of mixing clays and colours to get the greens i wanted, i think i will definitely tackle more green projects. i still have a bit of trouble with the darker colours, but am sure it will go away with more practice. and practice i did! 

group shot! i'm thinking of using the last pic for my new website, planning to go down to bf's office next 2 weeks to revamp the site. the blog will remain on blogspot, but i want to fully utilize the hosting space which has been dormant for a while now :( maybe even set up a gallery and shopping cart, let's see how distracted i get first.....wakakakaka :X


remember how in my previous post, i said i might not be as pleased after the canes have been baked? yeaaaa :( T-T much sadness *sniff* see the translucent ring in the left pic? what happened was, i messed up and used a wrong bunch of clay while constructing the cane!!!!!! kyaaa~~~~~ T-T so in an attempt to salvage the rest of it (luckily i baked a test bunch) i cut away as much of the translucent bits as possible, and re-wrapped with some other clay.....alas, i overmixed white and it turned out weird. so now i have a whole bunch of weird coloured BAKED clay (see, never work late into the night out of stubbornness, it'll just create more grief). i guess it wouldn't matter so much if i 'hide' them between sammiches and such. it's just a huge disappointment that i would persist in my stubborn ways. :( gah. lesson learnt, i'll improvise and move on!

here're a bunch of the 'successes'. i had to slice them while they were warm or my hands would scream. the pic on the right shows the 'successes' vs the 'fails'. excuse the randomness of the strawberries, i made them for practice and didn't know where to chuck 'em XD dad and bf said there's too much dark green on the outer ring, i agree however i do recall seeing pics of similarly ratioed green portions on cucumbers, so it doesn't faze me much. i'll call it 'artistic license' *snort*

looking back on some earlier works, i was still immensely displeased with the way my strawberries turned out, especially the calyx portions. so here i am again, trying out 1:3 and 1:4 strawberries. i think i'll make a darker variety when i next tackle reds. for now, i 'm pretty pleased with this.

and just when you thought this looooooooooooooooong post was over...;P

tadah! more of the 1:12 cucumbers. see how the 'thick' green portion translates pretty well in 1:12? i have had a little more experience working with 1:12 canes than the larger scales, so i really wanted -this-, not the larger scales. it's ok though *licks own wounds* sob sob (CINDY OMG LET IT GO!!!! XD XD XD)

in keeping with the sliced're some sliced versions i made a while back but never 'finished'. i hope you can see the teeny bitty seeds....... you might have to squint just like i did when i put them in XD

i'm so happy with these! over here, we call them 'brinjals'. i think they're also known as eggplant or aubergine (man i love pronouncing that word, it sounds almost sexy XD ). they're my grandma's favourite vegetable. although i do think this part is called the fruit???? ionos, i always think seeds = fruit. anyhow, there's an old wives' tale about how if you eat too much of this your eyesight will get bleary....i believe it!!! i once went on this eggplant kick and ate it for lunch for a whole the end of that week i kept rubbing my eyes, it felt sticky and stuff, could be coincidental to weather conditions or whatever but I BELIEVE IT!!!! 

i'm also really happy cos for the first time ever, both my grandma and dad recognized something i placed in their hands -_-"""""" they're my harshest critics!!!

not so pleased with the sliced ones, cos i overdid it on the skin part, ah well. i have a few unbaked brinjals waiting for their 'hats' hee hee. will finish them later....

are we there yet???? NO. :P but i hope you're still with me......hang in there........

as per one of my previous posts, i started making new plastic packaging in 1:12. here're some cherry tomatoes....

and i made covers for the punnets!!! they fit pretty snugly (for this batch anyway) so i'm really patting my own back sore by now! :P XD

vanity shot!

all that's left are the labels. which is another thing i need to finish when i'm over at bf's office. i can't concentrate at home, the clay calls out to me............

does this post really need more cucumbers?!?!??!?! wakaka.

the lettuce heads turned out surprisingly cool in the pics, but in real life it looks chalky. it was part of my earlier attempts with greens gah. also, the leaves need to be thinner grrrrr

oh hey, pears! this time i made the yellower kind......

and a few citrus fruits to round things up.

i will tackle tropical fruits soon! poor lone mango........trying to blend in with the plums........

ahhaha some inconsiderate shoppers have 'sampled' the berries while they were on the shelves! tsk tsk!

almost there!!! almost there!!! i still have more to do!!!!

ok the last bit, i promise :)

for the sharp-eyed who noticed this in the previous pic.....ehehehe. i have completed my macrame hanging thingy practice! i got the pattern off this site:

but i had to modify it as the threads i used were a tad thick :( no matter, it was meant to be a practice piece anyway and i like how it turned out! i want to tackle making green plants now that i'm a little more confident with the colour ^ ^ 

hope i didn't put you all to sleep :) time for a break, wow it took me only 4 hours to do up this post *eyes roll* 


  1. Hi.
    You make the most amazing things. I envy you your talent!!
    If I liked salad, I'd happily eat all the different sizes!

    Lene, Denmark

  2. Ooh, I'm interested in that salad [1:4 - MSD sized]. Will you have it on Etsy or DOA?

  3. Cindy, pls tell us the truth that you bought the cucumbers and salads from the supermarket. They are real and that fresh!!! Your macramé hanging thingy is wonderful too!!! Bravo!!!

  4. haha Lene! thanks for returning to my blog :D i am not too fond of greens myself, but i do occasionally take green salads (with a little bit of thousand island sauce) to trick myself into thinking i'm eating healthy! XD

  5. Hi Joyce! welcome back to my blog :D thank you for your interest, if you'd like it i can reserve it for you, kindly contact me at snowfern at gmail dot com for further queries!

  6. Peiwen, shhhhhh! you know we all use shrink ray guns, right??? the latest modified version works on fresh produce!! wakakakakka! thank you for your compliments ^ ^ you do amazing work, so your comments really do make my head swell wakakakak!!!!

  7. You nailed the veggies and fruits!! The salads are absolutely fab...the cucumbers and eggplants are REAL. And get out...those plastic containers are too perfect!!!!! LOL, I have a 1:1 macrame hanging thingy that I used for a hanging planter XD

  8. Cindy, this is the most beautiful blog post this week! How nice to start a Saturday seeing things so wonderful! Their salad is perfect! I loved your cucumbers, tomatoes, everything! Congratulations for the work and excellent results! Kisses!

  9. Cindy, you are so amazing! The salads all look so real, so light and crip! :) I can't believe you made the little plastic containers! How are earth did you do that? You never cease to amaze me with you talent in all scales. :)

    I had a dress in aubergine, but it wasn't as dark as an eggplant. Augergine. ;)

    Hugs, sweetie! :)

  10. Alison ^ ^ nuuu i think the green ring on the larger cucumbers are terrible, and the 'skin' on the whole cucumbers need more work.....but i know i'm being nitpicky :X i think being constantly hungry/dissatisfied makes one work harder, right?? :X

    ya!!! i want to turn it into a hanging planter of sorts, we'll see what i can manage after i submit my semi-sweeties's due next week!!!!! *panics*

  11. hi Sarah! oh that's high praise, i don't think i deserve it :( but thank you !

  12. Dale ^ ^ welcome back to blogland! i made them using a method a few posts back ;)

    woahhh aubergine dress.....Ludo bought me a jacket in purple, i LOVE dark purple now!

  13. Thanks, dear!
    Dark purple is very pretty and I bet it looks great on you. :)

    I'll have to peruse backward. The things you come up with! :)

  14. Cindy, todo me encanta, se ve fresco y delicioso.

  15. Everything is so good. Their salad is wonderful!

  16. Next meet, you have to wear that purple dress and don't forget that tarot cards and the crystal ball.

    Long post or not, everything in there is a gem. You have worked wonders , my friend. Everything! Even the ones you are not satisfied with.

    That macrame thingy deserves special mention. And those plastic boxes , if only I am making modern. But let me tell you, they will be a hit! Also tomato slices, you made those watery parts so convincingly. That salad is so real that I am still convinced they are real when you put the different scales together in the same pic!

  17. Did I see persimmons in there?? I LOVE persimmons! I think that's how to spell it...not sure though. Anyway, I adore your work! You have magic hands!


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