Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekends and macarons

these are part of a commission, i don't ordinarily enjoy making 'full bloom' roses cos i don't like the shape, but i think they would probably look better than the tiny roses that i favour, i hope she likes them, if not i can always give her the smaller ones instead :P the yellow/orange roses were done to test out the colour and effect, i quite like the results!

i don't know if i should seal this with acrylic gloss. on the one hand, i'm afraid the glue is insufficient to keep the stuff on the board, on the other, i'm afraid the effect will not be as nice with the gloss. :( what a dilemma.

anyway, the pair on the left is for my cousin! she is very supportive of my hobbies and even got me cute little acrylic containers which i use to keep my 'fruits' in!

had to experiment with macarons, customer wants a macaron tower, but i'd only tried making macarons once since i've never even eaten a real one before...this is the result of the 3rd try (i'm not even gonna bother wasting anymore time posting pics of the failed ones)

more of my practice work (green) and macaron cream-ing going on!


  1. Heyhey! I am finally here to view your site. The salmon looks tasty. Feel like eating Jap food now!! The roses are nice, shape is okay mah.. Why don't you like them?

    I'll be seeing you on thurs!

  2. haha tankew tankew

    i don't like big blooms. i like smaller type, like rosebuds de! maybe it's the shape ba...

    see you! ^ ^


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