Monday, April 13, 2009

loti huey aka sugar gem biscuits

next to my initial attempts with fimo clay. they seem so amateurish now that i'm moving on to more complex projects. :X

this pic never fails to make me smile abit, because the actual sized one is .....really quite small, but in this pic it almost seems like a behemoth! LOL
i can't for the life of me figure out the lighting :( this pic makes the green look so washed out, when it's a tad prettier IRL.


so what have i learnt from making these gem biscuits?

1) mineral oil, or in my case, baby oil, is pretty good for thinning out fimo clay. just remember to add a few drops of liquid fimo, depending on the volume of clay you're using. however, this mixture hardens if left in the open rather quickly (or dries?) but keeping them in syringes seems to be ok. i still haven't figured out the ratio, but i'm sick of experimenting with 'creams' and would rather move on to making cuter items.

2) i do not know how to use the back of blades -_-" it seems i'm too clumsy or something, so i used a needle tool instead.

3) don't flatten the biscuit before dropping it onto the mesh for the bottom detail. flattening it out makes it lose its form.

4) don't use corn flour or any other powder when making tiny stuff like that, cos the mild stickiness actually helps in controlling the tiny thing. when i coated it with corn flour to ease its removal from the mesh, i wound up having problems keeping it on my finger while making the ridges.

i can't remember anymore. too tired and my eyes are so so tired too.

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