Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i can't sit still today > <

my hand made mini goodies!
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will post pics of why later, when i -have- pics!

meanwhile, i finished up some jellies, tarts and stuff. actually they're just practice pieces, so they don't look very good, but at least i know the scrapes on the sliced pieces disappear when glossed or immersed in resin!

lesson i learnt today on resin:

- when adding polymer clay items to resin, do NOT remove from mould while it's still soft. the bendy bits will cause the polymer clay bits to 'shift' and/or break, and since polymer clay does not stick to resin (due to plasticizers or 'oily' nature?) the scrapes will show up again. :(

i accidentally tore a piece of resin while trying to remove it from the plastic mould (i used pill uh...what're they called? blister packs?) so that sucks. luckily it wasn't one of my fave items :P

- wait till resin has set, or is at least very sticky to add the ...inclusions? otherwise they will slowly sink to the bottom. can always top up with more resin later, even after it has set. also does make it easier to arrange the pieces.

- before adding the fruits, add a touch of resin so that it adheres to the previous layer of resin, this way, it also minimizes the formation of bubbles due to careless shifting.

- resin -does- create bubbles as it's curing, so even though i've read tutorials that state you can speed up the curing time by popping the resin in the oven, don't do so or you won't have a chance to remove the bubbles that form. unless of course, that's what you want :P

ok . that's all i can remember for now.


  1. This photo is so beautiful. May I feature it on The Mini Food Blog? I will include a link to your blog and Flickr page and give you credit as the artist. Here is the link to the blog:

    If it is OK with you, please email me at with your permission.

    Thank you.

  2. thanks for your kind comment!

    i have mailed you :)


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