Friday, April 17, 2009

Eva Bite

Eva Bite
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she's only 2mths +, so she's very bitey, and it seems she thinks i'm her playmate so she only bites me (for now).

regrettably, i've had to train her so i think her bottom's a little sore from the light spankings i've had to give her to stop, but she's learning!

today she barked aplenty, i felt so bad having to spank her for something that's natural, but if i didn't....i'd have to put up with her barking all day and i don't think my neighbours would like it :(

my heart almost broke when she let out a few soft whimpers while she was taking her afternoon nap :( i'm so afraid i've traumatized her, but she seemed ok when i took her out of her cage for dinner...

at least ahma seems to be fond of her :)

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