Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Miniature Dimsum Steamer Basket

Hello!~ It's SO GOOD to be back working in 1:12. :D I spent more than 9 hours making this set of dimsum steamer baskets. You can view a short video clip on how well it stacks up over on my Instagram :)

It is 1/2" diameter (1.25cm) and made out of bamboo strips (which I got from Daiso ages ago!). The hardest part is the weaving of the cover portion, I didn't want to do a typical crossweave, and though I did a google search for how to weave chevron patterns, my patience wore out quickly (less than 10 mins haha) and decided to just GO FOR IT.

2 splinters and a dusty workspace later, TADAH~! DONE
more failures AIEEEEEE OTL

It's been really nice getting back to 1:12. so many ideas bouncing around in my head. Also, ordered some more resins and silicon pours from Wee Tee Tong,  (you can read about my earlier misadventures with moldmaking here), and am shopping around for a good reuseable mask. I'm thinking of getting the 3M 7000 series, but with filters and attachments and whatnots, it's gonna set me back SGD$100++ :( grarggh. this minimaking thing is like some RPG, keep having to earn gold to upkeep and upgrade my gear. hnnnghhhhhhhhhh. and i HATE grinding!!! T-T

ah well. really oughta go concentrate on getting more done. IT'S SO GOOD TO BE BACK!~!!

(seems traffic here has died down somewhat, guess instagram and facebook has something to do with it :-/ do people still read blogs at all!??)


  1. Yes! We do!

    The boxes are crazy good!

  2. Yes, I still read blogs! They allow so much more information and detail than Facebook, etc. Beautiful work!

  3. Hi Cindy! There are so many people that make miniature foods and deserts but YOURS continue to put so many others in the shade! I wish I could express my delighted Fascination with the work you do and not sound like a broken record or like a CD with a skip in it.
    I Never get tired of looking at the Foods you make and I am so happy that you are feeling well enough once again to get back at it!


  4. Thanks everyone :) it's nice to see old familiar 'faces' again! :D

  5. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! I want them, I need them !!!
    Cindy, you ROCK!!!!

  6. *hops on Rosanna's bicycle* let's GO!~ :D


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