Friday, July 5, 2013

1:12 Miniature Dimsum Steamer Baskets, DONE!

 Look at me, blogging more than once a week again ;) I got a momentum going and made more steamers in various sizes, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch diameters!

 enjoyed the weaving process, though the preparation of the bamboo bark is quite a pain. went with the chevron pattern again :)

I started weaving the lid last night, and my eyesight has never been good (astigmatism) especially at night, and hadn't noticed the colour difference till it was done *heavy sigh* I know it's kind of 'realistic' but there's just this stupid niggly bug in my brain that craves uniformity and symmetry. yeah yeah, you know this of me already. and I'm SUPER SURE many of you miniaturists out there are THE SAME so 'fess up!!! ;P

wanted to weave a base for the larger 1" steamer, and turns out the same chevron pattern can look quite different! ^ ^ super happy.

my attempt at an arty-farty shot of the base. added 3 strips for 'reinforcement', thinking a foot wide steamer would need it eh? i think it's purty.

I am going to write a full tutorial for these and put it up on Etsy, but not so soon. Will have to figure out lighting issues first heh :-/

now I'm craving dimsum, and there's no good stalls nearby. MEH! the perils of being a mini-food maker XD first world problems.................*mental kick to own head*


  1. I'm impressed that you work in so many scales! I have an Etsy shop and work in 1:12 scale. I recently got a 1:24 scale dollhouse kit and some furniture, but in Canada it's hard to find 1:24 accessories and furniture.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Have you checked out "Little Dollhouse Company" in Toronto, lately? Last time I was on their website, they were introducing more 1:24 scale minis. That was some years ago, so maybe they're better stocked now?

  2. Un gran trabajo y muy complejo, tienes muy buena mano.
    Un abrazo.

  3. Your steamer baskets are devine, I also admire your patience and artistic skills.

  4. DId you ever make the tutorial? I want to make a steamer basket, but I'd love to know what material you're using and especially how you did the rings.



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