Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Miniature Christmas Cookies

I made these specially for an Advent Calendar over on Minitreasures :)
 I have to admit, this is one of my favourite phototaking sessions. Mostly because, for once, I had this hazy image in my head before starting on the project!
I had to do something simple, since I was lacking in time, and the idea came about while I was on the bus on my way home. It was really cold that night, by Singapore moonsoon season standards. I had chatted with bf about whether we'd ever see snow in Singapore again (it happened, once in the past 10 years as I recall!) ...and mused that I'd love to see snow, the fluffy powdery kind, alas, hail is the closest to snow I've experienced this far in my life XD

So I started imagining soft snow falling from a starry sky (another not-too-common sight in SG!) onto pine trees (*snort*) ....the only thing I didn't envision in setting up the scene was the corrugated cardboard in the background. But I wanted a little more texture and contrast, so I looked around and AH-HAH! PERFECT!

I hope it's been translated well from my brain to your screen. Thus concludes my Christmas items for 2011, as I move on to prepare for the most important annual celebration in my family, Chinese New Year :D

To all who celebrate Christmas, in any and every way, may you have a happy and joyful time!



  1. Beautiful cookies, and really nice pictures!

  2. The cutest cookies I've ever seen! What are those cristals, sugar, salt...?

    Are you ready for the I'm a giant reveal tomorrow?

  3. Thank you Katrina and Mona! I tried my best, so I'm glad you liked it!

  4. hee hee thanks onshore! no i'm far from ready, but I think I have enough for a 'reveal'? i made something 'designy' for it, not as awesome as your Crux blanket though :O

    might need Bob the Builder's help in fixing up some boo-boos too T_T :P

  5. ahhh forgot the stuff is some glass thingy i don't know what it's called and it wasn't clearly labelled either? Asuka and I found it while out shopping and we split a bottle XD i think it's for plants....it looks perfect as miniature ice!


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