Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2011 moments

I had been wondering if it's possible to make it to 300 sales before 2012 (at 267 as I write this) seems unreachable but wouldn't it be nice XD I've added quite a number of things to my Etsy, and am holding a Coupon Code sale to celebrate the end of a pretty interesting year.

Just enter 300FOR2011 to get 10% off the listing price.

You can view these and more photos at my Etsy store :D

Aside from miniature foods, I've decided to take better photos of my food jewellery.....and they can be found here:

some old, some new!

Personal stuff here :)

I don't think this will be my last post for 2011, have a few more things to update yet, but I've been feeling so emotional lately I just had to share. just last week I wondered aloud on facebook whether it'd be possible for me to hit 300 sales before the end of the year, and almost immediately after, be it coincidental or otherwise (i like to think otherwise, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside *purr* ) i had a number of sales to familiar facebook acquaintances. I hardly interact with that many people on any regular basis aside from a few e-mails, as i'm painfully introverted (it doesn't show from the way i write, right?? but i am :( ) and socially awkward, so this show of support brought me very close to tears. heck my eyes are watering up as i re-collect that morning. 

i've even considered creating a separate blog to try and sort my head out over these personal things. but this -is- a personal blog. my little experiments and experiences with miniatures is what has helped me through very difficult times, especially my anxiety attacks and bleak emotional lows, which i suffer from pretty frequently (i try hard not to write about it though, how depressing! but i'm sure it shows sometimes :S esp the grouchy tetchy posts haha). 

it has been a really rough year for me, as i seriously considered whether i should push this hobby of mine forward into a sustainable form of income. i try to make light of it by saying stuff like "it's a good month i can buy dog food for Eva" (sad, but true)...but having had no form of stable income since 2008 (or longer, really. yea i've been jobless for -that- long, recuperating from various illnesses, chronic depression and whatnot) it has felt like an insurmountable task. I tried to distract myself with personal projects when sales and commissions were slow, as i mulled over numbers and sales predictions and SEOs and marketing and workshops etc. maaan, the 'serious stuff' made me nearly depressed all over again -_-" but making miniatures was actually what helped wean me off anti-depressants! so i was determined to try and give this a good go.

so in rounding up 2011, i want to remember the highs more than the lows. this requires a good look through my archive, let's see....(i don't even REMEMBER half the stuff that happened sheesh, that's why i journal so extensively!)

- TDA 2011 was AWESOME FUN. which reminds me, wonder when's the next one???
- Library workshop was AWESOME STRESSFUL FUN. but i'll have to seriously consider having to teach so many people at one shot again. 
- Moved all my mini stuff to bf's office was thrilling. and anxiety ridden.
- picked up Inkscape. i think this was my fave 'new skill' of all. feel so disinhibited!
- I'm a Giant challenge!! omg how fun was that?! and it's still going on! XD
- getting on dA's front page, was shocking and flattering
- getting on Etsy's front page, was a little stunned, but meh cos no sales came from it XD

of course there are other things, like catching up with friends, making new friendships and reviving old ones. it's always the hardest for me to talk about personal relationships, why is that so?

probably cos stuff that matters -most- to me is the hardest to put into words. i guess. plus no pictures la ;)

so anyway. i'm really grateful for all the good stuff that's happened this year. *chokes up again*


another egg. i might re-do the 2 eggs my customer ordered if she prefers to have them more similar, i find it hard to replicate colours if i don't work in batches :( but i like the newer (the smaller yolk) one, so in future i'll try and make them more 'wrinkly' hehehe.

 These butter cookies were my fave to make :D i had some packaging prepared but never got round to making the cookies to go with it, so this was a good experience!

some more pics of the chocolate cookie, and some chocolate chip drizzled ones.

these drizzled cookies are extras that I made, plan to turn some of them into rings or necklaces. These are approx 2.1 cm, while the customer requested ones are approx 2cm diameter :)

But if you prefer them in smaller scale, this 1:12 miniature chocolate chip cookie set is now available here :)

there's a lot more photos i haven't put up yet, i hadn't realised how much i have to update about....but it's lunchtime! how prepared are you for the holidays huh? huh? huh?


  1. Hi Cindy,

    Wow! Looking at all your achievements this year, I'm sure you will have even more next year! Just keep doing what you love...:)
    Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Pei Li

  2. Hey Cindy,
    I wish I can make this a sustainable source of income too. Dream vs reality... I am constantly struggling with that so you are not alone. But hey, 2012 will definitely be better. Don't fret!

  3. This is a tough time for many, dear Cindy. You are definitely not alone. It is also a myth that a regular job means stability. So many businesses are failing with people losing their jobs that there really is not such thing as an iron rice bowl anymore. I mean who still uses that term "iron rice bowl" right?

    Went to your shop and let me tell you, I was wowed! I have never seen your shop so decked out before. You did well, Cinds. 300 or not by the end of this year is not important but 300 sales you will make, there's no doubt about that.

    By the way, best damn looking eggs EVER! Those cookies are super awesome too. Kristel (Marg's niece) tried to make some polymer clay cookies (she wanted to make a friendship oreole) or sushi, don't know what and I heard she nearly burnt the house down yesterday . She toasted the toaster that's for sure! haha. Told her she must talk to you .

    Can't freaking wait to meet and just chill. Oh, saw your comment on my mail box but it didn't show on my blog. Something strange is happening but your comment is not eaten up. Still shows in email :)

  4. Cindy, congratulations on your 2011 achievements and I know you'll soon hit 300 sales. Your work is awesome and your photos look great and your shop is well-stocked. You're well on your way!

    I love reading your blog -- it seems you often say what I'm thinking/feeling even if I'm unable to put it into words myself. I enjoy following along with your creative adventures and look forward to reading about whatever you're up to in the New Year. :D


  5. I just have to say that one of the things I love about your blog is that you allow yourself to be vulnerable--you show your human side, and it is very likable. On top of that, your work is top-notch, so it is always a thrill to see your latest stuff. Don't change any of that--we love it! :-) Congrats on all of your achievements for 2011. 2012 is bound to be awesome!

  6. Dearie, 2011 has been a weird strange year for many of us, at least the last months.
    But you have done so much and so damn well that you cannot do ut even better for the next year.
    I send a big warm hug to you and a big kiss on your cheeck.
    I felt so strange lately that I even negleted to send cards to friends. I truly feel bad for this.
    But you were in my thoughts and I follow your growth with awe and affection.
    Best wishes and see you soon, Rosanna

  7. 2011 was definitely a great year for you~ Look at all that you've done! :D

    For 2012 though, I think you need to crank out more 1:3 and 1:4 scale goodies for us BJD owners out here!

  8. Thank you all so much for your supportive words. It was not my intention to come across so whiny hehe :-/, I have been really emotionally whacky lately (weather!??!) and am really very touched by all your responses.

    2011 has indeed been a strange and tough year for a number of my friends too, and I wish everyone a very happy and Merry Christmas :) I really wish I could reply each one of you individually but it is very hard for me to think straight lately, I will try and come out of this intact and hope to update with something more coherent soon...

  9. In 2011, I think you achieved a lot looking at all the creations so neat and perfect! What I know is the library sessions do bring a very fulfilling foundation for miniature fans and you have done a great job :-
    Merry Christmas & All the best to you and looking forward an optimistically fruitful year ahead :-).

  10. Unas fantásticas comidas.
    Que pases unas felices fiestas
    Un abrazo

  11. I feel the exact same way and I feel better knowing I am not alone...Thank you so much Cindy!!!


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