Monday, December 12, 2011

Marie Antoinette again! but this time in 1:12 :)

looks familiar? hee hee. 

 but this time in 1:12 :) and polymer clay!

the st honore is removeable, and there's additional loose rose petals and a rose for my customer to play around with :D
like this!

I was already in the middle of making this when the request came in for the piped one....the 3-tier cake is still in the making, piping is hard work T-T

It's available in my new selling venue!

it's still pretty empty, but I will try and fill it up over the next few weeks :)

This is also available, here:


 Beef Jerky & Hickory Nuts
 Jerusalem Artichoke and Mushrooms

all in 1:4 or MSD scale (Unoa etc) polymer clay, customer request :D i really can't express how much i LOVED making these, such a change from the precision of decorating cakes :P not that these do not come with its own challenges....the hickory nuts are my 2nd attempt :(


i was wondering if i should update on the "I'm a Giant" challenge with these, since they were made specially for this project :D but they aren't in the shop setting and i still have other stuff to do......


a preview?
HAHAHHAHAHHAA i'm feeling a little crazy today. 2 of my parcels have not yet reached my customers, and the tracking info is not updated by the destination countries' postal system!!! it's driving me insane...but it seems i'm not the only one who's had delayed parcels so :( i do hope it's just a delay, and not totally lost T-T

anyone else having postal delay issues???


on to better news....


omg my christmas macarons made it on the front page!!! i had been puzzling over a surge in views a few days back (though i'm still at 0 sales for Dec T-T ) and it hadn't occurred to me that anything of mine would make it on FP (lack of confidence much?) but i thought i'd check anyway via The Vault at CraftCult

woo! hee small thrill, but finally i feel that the hard work of trying to improve my photography has been somewhat validated :D


it's been an exhausting but fun weekend :) I turned 35 on saturday, and 2 days of celebration with family and bf have left me quite deflated today....and feeling a little i shall end here before i spout more nonsense.


  1. They are wonderful!
    You were born in a beautiful season.
    Happy Birthday, Cindy!!

    Peiwen xxxxx

  2. The pics on luulla are amazing, Cinds! Your cakes look like it's from a recipe book ! Amazing work as usual.

    I am so looking forward to celebrating your birdday in another 2 weeks with you :).

    Cogratz on being front page news girl!

  3. Congrats on making the front page! That is always super exciting! <3


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