Friday, December 16, 2011

I'm a Giant Challenge - EXTENDED! - PARTIAL Reveal


ok i know it's a little disappointing as it's incomplete :( I wanted to print out some 'posters' and put in more decorative stuff, but I ran out of time T-T
for those who aren't familiar with this project, you can see how I got started, and my progress, here:

It is in 1:24 aka half inch scale. half the size of the usual dollhouse scale!

let me take you on a tour. it'll be a short one, considering how little I have to show you T-T

you can see from the outside, little danishes and donuts.....all asking to be picked first!

the metal pie tins were supposed to act as little trays so you  can pick the items you'd like, but yea, there are no tongs T-T


my order for more 1:24 trays hadn't arrived yet, these were the only almost-to-scale plates i had (chrysnbon!) would work better if i had some designy arty farty thing to tie it all together. and maybe a little height variation. :S

some cupcakes and mango cake slices..... the strawberry items on the right are old works that are cringeworthy XD i'll swap them out when i make more 1:24 items :D
 wee macaron towers! ^ ^ a little christmassy hee hee

i'm quite happy with this counter, it's almost exactly how i envisioned it to be used ('cept maybe more  range of items :( )
it'll do for now.
my only 'designy' thing? does it qualify?
had so many grand plans for this, alas, took too long to make it. 2 hrs to design it, another 2 hrs for execution, toldya i work slow :( 

here's my process:

i originally thought a google image search for similar tables would make my job easier, but i had no idea what search terms to use (permutations of modern, metal, fancy, table legs, IKEA didn't turn up much T-T) so i took inspiration from victorian table legs, drew an outline using inkscape, printed it onto the back of a metal sticker sheet (from Daiso!) and cut it out, then sticking it onto a piece of mounting board which acted as a table top....then covering it with another rectangular piece of metal sheet. it's not perfect, i think it could do with a re-do.... , but i think it's not-too-shabby for something i came up with from scratch! just don't look too closely XD

i added a piece of PVC sheet (1-1.5mm thick can't recall) cos i wanted to have at least 1 table with a glass top on it. i hope to put some posters or flyers/promotions under the 'glass' that can act as decorations.  

oooo i like this shot.
the inspiration came from a stainless steel IKEA table i saw a long time ago and want for my real life home.... made it slightly larger so that it could possibly double up (HURHUR) as a 1:12 coffee table or summat.

ok so that's about it for the 'vanity shots'. here're some behind-the-scene shots....

 it's supposed to be a sliding door, but i ran out of styrene channels, will pick more up when i have time.
 need to wipe down the windows XD the 3 'glass' panels are 1.5mm acrylic sheets that are removeable so i can display stuff with ease. i built slots into the ceiling and used styrene channels to hold the pieces in place.

i've posted before about how i bashed some IKEA Billy Bookcase lights to use as lighting. was meaning to hide them in the roof, even cut out the pieces but ah well, you know me and time.....:S

if i had to pick my favourite items out of this challenge so far, it'd be these two. the macaron display counter, because it was my first 'complicated' piece of furniture made, and the table, cos i designed it from scratch, better yet, how well it turned out! *huge pats on my own back* IT'S NOT EVEN METAL LOL it's plastic stickers that SIMULATE metal!!! *snurk snurk snurk* 
-insert troll face smug look comic here-

well i hope to some day replicate it in stainless steel proper, yes, i like it -that- much. will make one in 1:12 once i figure out how to make it sturdier and neater.

used the wrong WB mode on my camera, hurhur. they're really small! forgot to take measurements...i had difficulty taking photos with and without the roof on....accidentally flipped some plates a coupla times, which is a scary thing since the pastries are approx 0.3cm to 0.6 cm wide!??!

i put a 1:12 cupcake next to the 1:24 for comparison (the cake behind is another WIP, my whole work table is littered with them.....-_-")

Thus concludes the I'm a Giant challenge!

of course i'm more than a little disappointed that i didn't complete it, not that it would be possible. just like me, this will be a constant WIP forever. XD there's a lot more that needs to be done, like the addition of a kitchen, maybe a 2nd floor, the roof.... I learnt alot about composition, drafting layouts, building a roombox with minimal resources and of course, that I CAN FRICKING DO THIS. Thank you Emily! it has been fun, and immensely inspirational. not only that, it's been quite amazing, following the progress of bloggers and flickr friends who have played along with me. Stephanie (Asuka), Stephanie (Petitplat) and I have been constantly egging each other on for this challenge too, that added a friendly competitive element to it (OMG PRESSURE AND JEALOUSY THEIR WORKS ARE AWESOME).....i even made a new blog friend out of this, i not only admire onshore's  japanese tea house, her blog has many wonderful pictures and posts....the kind of stuff i'd like in my real life!!! call-small has been my constant source of envy and inspiration....the Rad Pad is RAD indeed!
(dangit it appears some of the comments i left on their blogs last night have disappeared :( agrgghgh)

 there's numerous other participants, you can view some of them here:

i'm going to try and surf every single link in that post tmrw at the office XD

there is a huuuge sense of relief that this is now over. i can now concentrate on what i've been doing on weekdays (i kept most of this challenge work to weekends and a few stolen minutes every morning) end this on a happy note, i've been told by a coupla people that my entry for the minitreasures advent calendar made it to the front page of dA? i don't even understand that, but ...YAY!

YAYYYY!!! ok g'nite everyone!!! please link me your blog if you've participated too, i'd love to see!!!


UPDATE: i just read over on Emily's site (the one who started this madness XD ) that the challenge has been extended! she's deciding on a new date, and is suggesting Feb 1st. sounds good to me, any extension will be GREAT HURHURHURHUR

*hopeful again!!!*


  1. While I understand the disappointment of not completing this...I am amazed at your creation! I think everything you finished is truly a work of art!

  2. Firstly, I found your comments for my blog, they were in the spam folder, they have now been restored!

    Secondly, but most importantly, your shop is amazing!! All busineses start somewhere, and when the opening day comes it comes. I'm sure customers will still find the cookies and cakes :D
    The business can expand later. Love the fake metal table too!

    And thank you for mentioning my blog, I'm quite flabbergasted by that. Thanks!

  3. OMG It is wonderful !!!
    It reminds me of the posh chocolate shop that i saw in Singapore (tee hee, it's true)in the main road. Damn if I can remember the name.... it wsa n the same building of Louis vitton's boutique.
    Anyway yours is better and your table is WAY better than theirs and I do love everything you did.
    Big pat on your shoulders!
    Hugs Rosanna

  4. Wow, this is really wonderful and stunning! Everything is very detailed and I really love those pastries and trays. And most importantly,it's in 1:24!
    Don't feel disappointed, I think it looks really good already. Though I must agree that adding some posters and decorative stuff will make it look more beautiful :D

    And congrats for your cookies on the front page of dA! I saw that too, It definitely has added some Christmas atmosphere to the page x)


    *back to pouting

  6. You should be very proud of that table, it's beautiful. Your display case and and counts are great also. As always your food looks wonderful. I hope that you continue this project, all of you plans for it sound great. I look forward to seeing more.

  7. Deborah you are too kind! i feel as if i mishmashed stuff together, in comparison to all the other participants!!! but i didn't, alot of this was done from scratch cos it's harder to get stuff in 1:24 :( prob why i took so long too, i so wanted to use some of my 1:12 stuff AHHH NO SHRINK RAY GUN

  8. YAAY Onshore!!! haha i even contemplated making some "Do not enter, renovations going on" signs just to 'fake it' XD but ahhh~~~

    i really like your blog and your home :) i'm one of those is-she-creepy-or-not-? type of internet stalkers :P oooeeeoooeeeoooooO~~~ hee! it's always more fun when more people play along!

  9. Rosanna!~~~~ i haven't had a chance to congratulate you personally on the opening of your Etsy store..CONGRATS!!!! hrmmm i don't pay that much attention to chocolate stores, which is A GOOD THING :O you probably read that chocolate might become really rare and expensive in a few years???

    thank you thank you~ *comforted by the virtual pats* i was so afraid it'd turn out...poopy.

  10. Thank you Nassae :D yea i don't have space for a proper 1:12 roombox, thus my choice for 1:24..which gave me a bigger headache of course, lack of ready-made items T-T

    yes i will work on the printables soon, i hope it will enhance the roombox more....and thank you for the congrats too! ^ ^

  11. why pout la, and where's your reveal?!?!? re-post or tweet it to join in the fun ley Asuka!!!

  12. Thank you Mary! the more i stared at it the more flawed it i want to tear it apart and rebuild it in 1:12 XD

    ok i'll just rebuild it in 1:12 :X

    i hope to keep working on it in my spare time too! *fingers crossed*

  13. Kia ora, I found you via emilys blog. As I breath a sigh of relief at the deadline extention I'm enjoying having a look at all the other participants work. Your pastry shop has a beautiful atmostphere, and all the more so for being so especially small. I'm staggered by the exquisit detailing in those cakes and your table is divine x

  14. Perfect!
    Love the room with the open view and the area of white color in everywhere,stunning feeling! The Table is Glorious!

    I have to say would be difficult to choose from your wonderful goodies.. :)
    I Just Love Your Work!

  15. Hi Max! ooo you're from New Zealand? hee I had to google Kia Ora :P Thanks for stopping by and commenting! yes yes! it's both a relief and....still stressful that it's been extended, because i -know- there's a lot still to be done! now it's even more exciting cos more people will be able to participate, and those who've found the deadline too tight can further work on their houses :D

  16. awww Kikka, thank you :D it will soon be overcrowded hahaha! (or at least, i HOPE it will be soon XD)

  17. Wow Cindy, that is fricking AMAZING! VERY NICCCCCE! Must see that plastic metal sheet thingy you spoke about. You will complete this ok? Our next mini meet (Jan ) can be about making thongs I mean tongs :)

    All that food in 1/24? Like I said FRICKING AMAZING, girl!

  18. I love the contrast between the pastel shades of your sweet stuff and the clean lines of the room. I think you've done extremely well considering you made pretty much everything from scratch =0)

  19. I love the light & ambient setting of your pastry shop! Great admiration for your work!

  20. Wow to everything, but WOW to how you made the table. Thanks for sharing how you created it. I can't believe it's sticker and mounting board. It looks fabulous!! I love your work, but this is really perfection!


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