Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm a Giant Challenge Day 10

ook, i'm a week late with updates! i have been quite busy with custom requests and finishing up some WIPs, so  didn't have much time to work on this, however, i dedicated last saturday to completing the ceiling and flooring, as well as finishing up the display units :) it's coming along quite nicely, to the 'feel' i've been trying to get.

ok so is the latest pic, sans floor. I originally started out rather ambitiously, thinking i could make a parquet flooring of sorts (grew up in various houses with parquet floors, love it more than tiles really), but given the amount of time and material i had left, i decided to go with a 'simpler' floorboard-type flooring. i thought that the roombox felt a little sterile for a bakery, which should be inviting and warm right? but the colours i chose made the roombox feel like a surgical room, which i prefer but eh, don't think it looks 'nice' for a bakery.... :-/

i used these wood veneer strips stuck onto cardstock, both of which i bought from Daiso aeons ago. i went back to find more of the veneer tape, but they only had the fake versions :( if you squint, you can see my disastrous attempts at using a paper punch on it. sure it worked, but i remember panicking over teamchat (HI TEAMMIDS!) back then whether i ruined my expensive paper punch on it XD consensus was, i did :( i've sharpened the punch since, but it never worked quite the same again....so to anyone who's thought about it, well, paper is also made of wood, but DON'T DO IT XD (my logic FAILED ME)

hrm. doesn't quite work :( even though i like it!!
so i did something stupid. i PAINTED IT.


 i really should have left it alone. 

but looking back at the photos, i think it's alright, innit? maybe it's cos i put in wooden strips on the ceiling which softened the harsh white lighting. i thought about painting it white but i liked how it 'softened' all the metal/white...? the floor isn't stuck in yet, but i don't have enough veneer to start over, nor finish up ALL of the flooring (which is alright, cos i planned to have the back portion be the kitchen, depending on whether i have time to complete it)....

or should i just use the original plain flooring? opinions anyone? would really appreciate the help! deadline's next week AHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *runs wildly arms flailing*

oh, i forgot to write about the tiles, someone asked on flickr which then reminded me to include it (though i did put it in the material list here http://snowfern-clover.blogspot.com/p/challenge.html )

edited the image (courtesy of http://www.flickr.com/photos/zooboing/ please read his licencing terms) using Inkscape, printed at Xorex onto glossy sticker paper, scored it then stuck it in place. :)


  1. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and probably be hated for it but I prefer the original floor *ducks behind chair* It doesn't look clinical, just pristine. Don't forget that once you fill the shelves the whole room will be filled with colour and contrast.

  2. I really like the plain flooring. I think the contrast helps break up the room and make it more inviting.
    It might look a little odd right now (e.g. it sort of reminds me of a dance studio) but when you fill it up with things, I think having a coloured floor will really bring everything together.
    The white is sort of harsh to me, since, right now, everything is white, but the textures are all very different.
    You could always try the plain flooring and if you don't like it, you could paint it after you've filled the room? Painting (all things considered anyway) doesn't take too long.

  3. I know this probably doesn't help, but I like them both. The natural floor is warm, but the painted floor with the stainless wall and the lighting makes it look very high end, expensive and modern. Being that I like modern I'm swaying toward the painted floor.

  4. interesting! i got 3 comments on my flickr, all expressing their preference for the wooden, and the 3 here for the plain (which i prefer too).....i think i am trying to convince myself that the wooden is still 'usable' since i put so much time and effort into it :(

    Pepper, you're right, i totally overlooked that! the foods are waiting to be coloured and baked...i'm hoping to add more colour to the kitchen area (weird, i know right?) but that'd probably come in -after- the deadline....:-/

  5. Melissa, i don't think i'll ever paint it XD not unless an airbrush mysteriously appears in front of me anytime soon haha! you know, i originally wanted a concrete/grey floor? i think if i had left it the wooden veneer colour, it'd look exactly like a dance studio hee!

  6. Mad for Mod (sorry i don't know your name!), it helps! i am going for modern, but it was a little difficult for me to keep it from looking too clinical...but like Pepper and Melissa have mentioned, once i start filling it up, it'll look less sterile (?) i hope!

    i still have to put in some shelves, i think i'll skip the white this time XD

    black would be a shock though, wouldn't it? *scrunches face*

  7. I like the original better. It looks very nice compared to the painted version. If you had wanted white floors it would have been better to tile the floors instead. The painted wood reminds me of when people try to fix up the exterior of old houses by just putting a fresh coat of paint over it.

  8. ah crap WHY DID YOU PAINT IT????

    Sorry but aaaah!

    I love modern, but wood is just better looking when unpainted.

    That being said, I think once you fill up the bakery the painted floor should be ok. It's not awful, but what's nerve wrecking is that the painted version you hardly see the parquet, so all your work... well goes to waste. (thus my shouting)

    If you still feel the parquet doesn't fit the bakery, even filled, you still can print out a nice parquet (my easy fast method).

    Other than that it looks lovely ^^

    Oh and next time you want to paint something try it first with photoshop or a printed sheet ;)


  9. ok that sounded maybe a tat harsh ><

    Yeah I'm just way too direct when I like people. BUT The roombox looks great, even with the parquet painted.


  10. Oh, I was meaning the plain wood. Was thinking maybe it would be possible to sand the paint off, but maybe not. I don't know how thick the veneer is.

    I'm sure it will turn out fine whatever you decide to do. :)

  11. Es una pasada como te ha quedado el suelo. Genial de verdad.

  12. One thing you could do is a "distressed" look to the floor. 8) Take a fine-grit sandpaper and buff the floor with it to age the paint and bring out the grain a little more. That way, you have the white appearance that matches the theme, but the warmth and personality that the wood adds. Personally, I like the plain wood, but the distressed flooring could look really neat! 8D

  13. Genial, me encanta como está quedando. Tengo ganas de verla completa.

  14. I was also just going to suggest distressing it . That's what I will do , you know me :)

    But having said that, I think you must always go with what you prefer, Cinds. This is your shop after all and it should just say "Cindy's" you know.

    Go check out this shop : http://www.blogto.com/listings/restaurants/upload/2009/09/09032009-MorocoChocolat%20edit.jpg.


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