Friday, September 30, 2011

Workshops are now available!

ok first I have to apologize for not having relevant pictures, but I'm still working on the demo items students can learn for each session...there have been a number of things I've been doing, and am dying to continue work on the I'm a Giant challenge! I've put up a dedicated page link to chart my progress, am looking forward to seeing the other bloggers' progress too! Do comment with your bloglink if you're participating too!

I'm revisiting an old item, as work on the wholesale list progresses. I've decided to switch over to using ADC for most of my larger scale items as it's easier on my hands (polymer clay at larger scales = too much time wasted conditioning and mixing clay colours), and it's much lighter so the dolls can actually pose better with them.

Thinking back on the process, I wonder why I even bothered detailing each individual kernel -_-" But in my mind, it adds to the realism, be honest though, should I even have bothered? Each corn gunkan-maki has approx 20-21 kernels which takes about 45mins to an hour to just ROLL out -_-" inclusive of painting time, I spent over 7 hrs (excluding drying time) for just 3 measly corn sushi *digs out eyes* Will probably have to use 'dummy' pieces for those at the bottom....but somehow...somehow....yeayea the OCD tendency has kicked into high gear lately.

Main reason being THIS:
I did mention that Inkscape is super uber duper fun, right? FINALLY I am able to make my own graphics! There's a tonne of free stuff out ther, but read the licensing terms carefully though, there is so much to learn. to keep things simple I only use material that is free for personal and commercial use, with no attribution necessary. I'm still working on my bakery boxes, have a few printed that need to be folded ^ ^ Can't wait to finish them, maybe tomorrow when Asuka comes over to the office again to play! v ^ ^

time to play compare and contrast, old vs new (left vs right):

although i prefer the colour of the polymer clay, this test onigiri is a remake. took 4 hrs rolling out the fricking tiny rice grains to make a new onigiri master/mold. the smaller one I feel had grains too small for 1:3 :( size is about the same, but I think I just need to adjust the translucency for the ADC to get it right :) it's hollow at the back though LOL too impatient to wait for a large piece of clay to dry :S

Tamago (Egg) two were made from polymer clay...I find ADC does lend a certain 'softness' to the larger scales...

the Ikura (Salmon Roe) looks the same, but I've switched techniques and feel the newer one looks more realistic :)

 uhm yea. the sukerukun works much better than the polymer clay, don't you think? I still need to work on the shapes, although I did go for the rounded edges look cos I mean to wrap them up as 'supermarket sushi' XD still working on the labels!

and the one I'm proudest of, the Tuna (I donno which cut) nigiri!!!!! the colour can be tweaked a little pinker and maybe a bit more opaque but that depends greatly on the type of cut I'm trying to portray I guess....

This certainly has been an interesting exercise, comparing and contrasting my own work. looking back at my earlier sushi, I feel they're incredibly cartoonish, and I'm almost embarrassed that I sold them :( but back then, I was darn proud of 'em! I'm glad I didn't give up and my customers didn't give up on me...

technically, I don't think I could work with sukerukun at 1:12. it dries really fast, and these took a lot of experimentation to get 'right' :( moreover, caning with ADC = plenty of wastage....well i guess i'll be making a lot of makizushi XD

omnomnom! i love this shot! *struts around boastfully* it was almost 6pm and I was panicking about having to take pics without sunlight....luckily it came out alright XD also, <3 the maneki neko I got for bf a long time ago.....XD

*mutters under breath* stupid speck of dust.
well. even the plate looks slightly better hurhur :X changed the way I made the sushi too! though the packets look weird on that plate LOL it belongs with supermarket sushi....:S

ok last vanity shots! cos i finally got some good pics which required minimal to no editing YAY (i've just thrown my first photography-editing tantrum 3 hrs after taking the first pic) hurhur -_-"

thanks for indulging me @^_^@

go home le.........

oh ya, link to my workshops page is on the top right of my blog. or you can follow the link here:

still sorting out my webpage and stuff.....gonna be a lot of shuffling around.......@ @


  1. Oh dear you make me hungry! I love sushi, there is one lovely place in Genoa to have it and may be tonight, after work, I shall indulge myself into a sushi dinner.
    You are always great and it's highly time that you start teaching. Hugs, Rosanna

  2. Whoa Cindy, you are awesome!!! I see you're going for it and doing an outstanding job, sensei :))))

    I totally comprehend the OCDness of rolling rice, detailing, etc, hehe. But it is worth it most of the time and does add to the realism. Gotta love the challenge.

  3. I had a sushi buffet just now and thought I was sick of seeing fish now but I come home and see all these awesome pictures of your miniatures, now I'm hungry for sushi again!
    Very detailed pieces, wish I had your skills o(>w<)o

    I wish Sukerukun would dry faster in my area :( It's always still so soft after one day >_<

  4. Hmm, not sure if rolling 4 hours worth of kernel is worth it and rice? OMG!

    I love the roe and think both look realistic. So does your tuna.

    Kudos for starting the workshops! Break a leg !

  5. I love both the older and newer pieces! Your sushi looks delicious. And I love all the detail and OCD tendencies!! You're a true artist.

  6. the sushi are so delicious!!! i love the tuna!!

  7. LOL the last 2 pix are like, sushi inception LOL smaller scale on top of small scale... XD Great job!

  8. Wow! The eggs are so life like I just want to eat one on toast yummmmmy!

  9. wow i totally missed all the comments on this post, thanks so much everyone! (that's what you get for not keeping track of how much you blog hehehehe)


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