Thursday, September 8, 2011

A New Start

ahhh~ it's been a good few weeks since I shifted almost all my mini-making stuff (clay mostly) to bf's office. I think I've finally settled in. adjusting to the new workspace, packing, sorting, organizing....getting used to the air-conditioning (sinuses were in a terrible state the first 2 weeks) and travelling, and then getting used to the new worktable/chair....doing backups, formatting the laptop, getting the new oven and pasta machine set up, figuring out the ergonomics of it's given me the opportunity to sort out and re-visit old ideas and materials that i had stashed away to work on 'some day'.

so this is the result of the few minutes/hours a day i could on making new furniture/props for the fresh start! this is my kitchen island, heavily HEAVILY inspired by IKEA's STENSTORP. it's going to be my new favourite prop tee hee. it took me a little over a week, the few minutes i have awake at home each day drawing up the plans, measurements, sawing, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, sanding, painting, gluing before FINALLY FINALLY YAYYYYY omg i might have missed out a coupla gluings and sandings, not in the above order.

forgot to mention, the pegs that came with the cheapo plastic mitre broke and the saw 'jumped' and ate into my left index finger. it wasn't -too- bad a cut, but it did hurt. that same night, i accidentally stuck a thumbtack into the edge of my right thumbnail, and as if those two injuries weren't enough fun for one day, the stupid plug on my vacuum jumped while i was retreating the cord and gave my right middle fingernail a good whack. so i was really wincing whenever i had to type, hence my online disappearance. no pics, although i really did want to, them were nice bruises :X hurhur. *painful laughter* bf had a good laugh at my expense when he questioned me on the number of 'working fingers' i had left.....and my reply was like a little child trying to learn how to count with his fingers...*whimpers softly* least i didn't flip him a birdie :S

so anyway. i'm determined to fill up my Etsy before i head home is bf's birthday today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY L! being broke and all, and since i've started coming into the office with him everyday, i barely had any time to myself, so i couldn't even sneak away to get him a gift (not that it mattered, re: BROKE), so after he walked me home last night, i went on dad's laptop to find an easy peasy cupcake recipe, snuck back downstairs to the neighbourhood convenience store, made the batter BY HAND COS I COULDN'T FIND THE MIXER OHNOES, even whipped up my virgin batch of frosting (which didn't really matter, he doesn't like overly sweet stuff :-/ ) and since the uber dense miserably frosted 'cupcakes' were such a miserable flop, i tried to salvage it by whipping up a new batch of frosting this morning....and after all that he was too sick to even head to the office T-T so there went the surprise GAHHHHHH. wound up delivering it to his place before heading down to the office, where i am now whacking away at the keyboard with my freshly healed fingers ^ ^ of course, i'd left the camera in the office so no pics either :S

maybe i shoulda taken up his mom's offer of her spare mixer HRM. nah. strike that, i gotta remember i'm diabetic (dangit was so damn thirsty all of today after 'tasting' all the cupcakes and frosting last night hurhur)

i love how my ramblings don't match up with the photos :E

ok. so here's what else i've been attempting to list for the longest time. they'll be up, soonish in my Etsy Store. :) yuh, it's quite miserable and sickly looking now hurhur :X

 i've missed you all T-T SAY YOU'VE MISSED ME TOO!!!! *throws diva-esque tantrum* :E :D XD


  1. missed you terribly :)
    glad you're back! (I love your island - I have the real one in my own kitchen).

    the best of luck with your new workstation. I can see you're not short on inspiration and can't wait to drool over the new things in the shop.


  2. Of course, I've missed you!!!! I guess we've both been busy stocking the shops, too. Happy to read that you're set up in the with dat, you'll accomplish great things.

    Love, love, love your new island and accessories...can't wait to go peek at your shop :)

    Happy belated birthday to L...Omedeto!!!

    I will write soon, now that it's safe to, haha!

  3. I did not miss you, but then again, I'm talking to you pretty often on FB XD
    I love that tiny piece of furniture!!

    I'm working on a table right now. I wonder when it gets finished :P

    I'd love to see your new crafting area as well ^^


  4. Cinds, I like that you have an office now :). I agree with Alisan. You will do great things there.

    So we haven't met for a month? Of course, I miss you!

    That table is just like the real thing man. And tell L, HIPPY BIRDDAY!

  5. Hello there! (actually,up till now I'm unsure of how to address you because I'm still a...uhm...child.Yes,a child.)

    It's been awhile since TDA,huh?I haven't really got to talk to you (or Asuka-san,for that matter) much since then ><||| It's nice to see you updating again though,that always makes me happy :DD

    Your props all look so wonderful!My Nendoroid daughters are scolding me for not being able to make such nice stuff for them x33 I'm very impressed \o//// I hope your fingers heal soon!I will go and do some healing dance around my room to (hopefully) speed up the process~ *flaps arms around*

    Thankshoo for updating!You have made this girl and many others very,very happy ^^


  6. Oh I loved every detail. They are all beautiful!


    This post was so fun to read and I loved the props.

  8. Wonderful new miniatures!

  9. hee awwwwww *BIG BIG HUGS TO EVERYONE* dad's at the library so i get to steal a few minutes on his laptop! :E maybe i should go into the office today......:S

  10. Hi.may I one where do u get the woods for the furniture??

  11. You are such a nut! I just love that about you. :)

    Keep those injuries at bay, okay? ;)

    So, working along side the bf, eh?

    Has whims seen those lips? she's gonna want them! :)

    I'm trying to figure out the comment you left me. ;)

  12. Dearie, you are a "stundaia" Genoan word simply impossible to translate but meaning " someone clumsy in a funny, heart endearing way...well, sort of". Anyway that's how I have always been called by my family and you and your bruised fingers reminds me a lot of me ;o) I'm so glad that you have an office a last and don't have to share any more your table. I wish BF a belated happy birthday and I send a load of hugs to you.
    Take care , Rosanna

  13. Anonymous, if you're in SG, i get it from Art Friends, either branch has varying stock.

  14. Dale, it was when we were waiting for the rain to abate behind a building and you were telling me about your children :) I had no idea what it meant to be a "Jersey Girl" but I have a vague idea, now that I have watched Jersey Shore (LOL i know you didn't mean that, but the attitude maybe? :D)


  15. Rosanna! oooo i told bf about that term and he says it sounds just about right XD I guess we're very similar that way huh! I constantly wonder how i get the various bruises around my body XD

    BF also sends all his thanks for all the birthday greets! ^ ^


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