Thursday, June 9, 2011

WIP: More pastries, and drinks

you probably have seen most of these, but i don't have 'nice' photos this time round save this one, heh. put together a few items to see how they would work with the stand. not bad! they aren't varnished yet in this pic....

lol they make me laugh cos the religeuses remind me of fat laughing Mi Le Fo! anyway these have been given a coat of satin varnish to make them look yummier. :) i used liquid sukerukun on top of air dry clay 'choux pastry'....they're in 1:3, 1:4, 1:6 and 1:12 :)

and yet another food item i've yet to taste (alongside the religeuse and st honore). these are 1:3 and 1:6 Chocolat Liegeois. and a vanilla variation to it? ionos. i was randomly surfing for pictures of desserts on flickr, looking for i think religeuses when i chanced upon the concept of a hot cocoa drink, with choc icecream and whipped cream, and it totally captured my attention. the drink portion was made with acrylic + 2-part epoxy resin, and the whipped cream portion with Grace whipped cream clay. it's all very messy stuff and i had to take a pill to curb the allergic reaction i seem to have developed working with epoxy. i broke out in hives all over my hands after an afternoon of making these (and other drinks which i haven't completed yet).

MILK! in 1:12! yay!! oh and uh some vanilla type concoction too heh. was planning to make more of the chocolat version, but gave up after the hives showed up. another day perhaps :(

 on a side note, Eva went for her annual vaccination today....she'd  been having this persistent rash on her right ear for a while now, the vet gave her a cream for it and suggested we put her in the 'cone of shame' (lol i love love loved Up!)
 the poor girl hardly moved after i put it on her. when she finally did, she did so gingerly :P
and here's ahma laughing her head off at Eva's predicament LOL i gotta admit, i laughed real hard too XD XD XD Eva's resting now, i think she's getting used to it.

back to work!


  1. aww your grandma is so cute! and you look well stocked for TDA already! you know where to look if you don't have enough table space for your items. -glances sheepishly at future empty booth. :(

  2. Liegeois looks delicious...awesome whipped cream and chocolate shavings!!!! Cha-ching$$$$$ Great minds, I just finished some Laduree religeuses in rose before peeking at this post ♥

  3. Everything lovely, your Nonna most of all :o) Your pastries are good enough to eat... but you already know that.
    You are right, there are many many hours of work behind those little thingies: an average of 8 hours each for the simpler ones.I have to find something quicker to do.
    Hugs, Rosanna

  4. MILK! I love vanilla and chocolate of your concoction!! I hope your dog gets better!

  5. Best pic of the year! No guesses which one. Please tell ah ma she will have a fan club soon.

    Liegeois (how do you pronounce that?) is cha ching indeed (kudos, Alison!)

  6. Your treats look so yummy! I'm following you here and on Twitter now! Glad I found your blog!

  7. my grandma sends her thanks hee hee, she's a funny feisty one i love her to bits ^ ^


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