Thursday, June 30, 2011


I was recently asked to make a few items that I don't usually dabble in, more due to my fear of the colours more than anything.
I'm so happy to say that after much practice, I possibly might have quelled those fears :)

Misplaced my dime again, so a dusty, dirty finger will have to do for scale. Red and green chillies are approx 1cm in length, ~2mm at widest.
 And cos I'm a fan of these little hot peppers aka chilli padi here in Singapore (I believe it's also known as bird's eye chilli), I had to make some. The longest of these are ~3mm x 1mm. (excluding stem)
These capsicums (bell peppers?) were deliberately dirtied and bruised up by me. But only on one side XD they're rather fun to make! I don't like eating these though blegh.

Camera battery died on me before I could take pics of the rest of what I've done today. This weekend is gonna be a fun one, Eva will  be visiting Sans, and I'm gonna tag along hee hee! I've made a little something for her as a surprise, I guess it's a good thing the battery died or it wouldn't be a surprise anymore? XD I'm not good at keeping surprises!!!


  1. Your little peppers are beautiful.
    Have fun with the girls, I shall think of you. Minihugs Rosanna

  2. These are amazing!!! Wonderfully done!

  3. Come on Cindy! When will you cease to amaze me?! Incredible! Say hi to your little elves for me.:)

  4. Spot on!!! Beautiful peppers, want to cut up the yellow bell and stir fry right now :) Have a fun weekend!

  5. Chiles y pimientos! deliciosos y perfectos.
    Un abrazo

  6. ^ ^ thank you thank you....i always donno how to respond well to compliments.....*blush* thank you thank you ! :D :D :D

    *walks to post office with a smile on her face!*

  7. Wow! Peppers spot on babe! Chillis (the red ones that you show) can afford to be dirtier if meant for tribal house ;) but otherwise, very padi padi (which is usually quite red)! The green ones look very realistically aged.

    Will email you about tomorrow :).

  8. \o//// they looks amazing <3 hahaha,I'm kind of scared to mess around with too much colour too :PP looking at the chillis makes me sad about my extremely low spice tolerance.I think I will faint if I ingest one of those XDD

    Have fun on your outing :DD

  9. Your peppers are gorgeous!

    and what you don't like them? tss, the red ones are the bes,t they're a tat sweet and are great in burritos with chicken (yeah I do them with chicken not beef), also great with noodles and zucchini.


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