Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 days to TDA 2011!

 1:3 cupcakes

1:6 cupcakes, with variously scaled ispahans

 1:3, 1:4, 1:6, 1:12 strawberry/raspberry parfait

Chocobanana parfait and previously mentioned Chocolat Liegoise (sp? lol i can't even pronounce it) with strawberry sundaes waiting for a final gloss in the background

 1:4 carbonara spaghetti and fettucini

and 2 plates of 1:4 spaghetti bolognese

 finished up the religieuses with the teeny tiny pipings up the sides

 and then more piping with some 1:3 and 1:6 alice sets i'm preparing (need to make the 'drink me' bottles)

also wanted to make some cabochon cookies...alas, i think this might be as much as i can get done given the little time i have left.

of course, more WIP LOL. the macarons look so cute like this ^ ^

BACK TO WORK! boxes boxes boxes............................BLEH! wish i had time to write more, i'll write that essay after TDA ;) haven't yet decided on the layout either, nor have my display items set up yet. hwa hwa hwa. -_-;


  1. Amazing... those are absolutely amazing.

    i especially love the pasta!

  2. Beautiful, Cindy!!!! The pasta is fab, fab, fab, as is everything else. Have a great time at the show, wish I could be there :)))

  3. Cinds, I am definitely going to meet you guys at the TDA!! I think you are ready , very very ready! So no worries! Let me know if I can be of any help.

  4. Wow! You're miniatures are so good!! I love pasta!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Everything looks so yummy! Nice work. Have fun at the TDA!

  6. Oh goodness, cute job! Will you be selling this stuff later on? *drools at the sight of MSD props*

  7. This is a real perfection ! Congrats !

  8. Hello! Ah, your clay works are really amazing. ^^ I'm just starting to try out ADC.
    I'm curious about the Daiso ADC you bought though...may I ask how do you shape them so tiny without having tons of cracks in them (which mine did ><")
    I hope to hear from you! And have fun at your workshop! :)

  9. *Ouf! Thank you all for your kind compliments and encouragement, PHEW now that everything is over i'll try to reply a little more ^ ^

    Vitasoy - yes hee i'm gonna pack my room today and try to sort out the items, will update ASAP!

    Potatoos - mmm it might be that the clay you got might be a little dried out, you can add a literal -touch- of water to the surface and smoothing out the cracks, or mix in a few drops of water into the clay before shaping/molding. i will write a more comprehensive post about my working with ADC soon!

  10. Thank you Snowfern ^^ I'll try out ADC again with your tips! :) Thanks again m(_ _)m


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