Thursday, June 10, 2010

roses, roses, roses...

above are all in 1:6. finally, completed the last request that had been delayed due to my injury!

these were a last minute request for 1:12 purple roses...., i don't know what it is but there seems to be a surge in interest in roses lately? i don't know how to make any other flower....and i still need to tweak the greens gah. time to order more clay.

keeping busy is fun when you're in relatively less pain LOL new updates soon, but there's another feature coming up this weekend ^ ^ watch out for the next post!!


  1. Oh, that blue cake is so beautiful and those roses, fab! I love the ones on the background :)

  2. I love that blue one too, babe! I missed macaroons. We go out and get the best ones when Dale's here ? That and rum balls! Shucks, your cakes always make me go nuts with cravings!

  3. Everything is gorgeous, I love the colours.

  4. lol yes, roses seem to be back in fashion...they're the only flowers i manage to make -reasonably- well ha ha ha :(

    Sans, ewww rum balls i hate any chocolate icecream or cakes with liquer in it....but heck i've not had a taste of those for over a decade, so maybe my tastes have matured??? i still dislike rum and raisin icecream though.....*grimaces*


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