Wednesday, June 9, 2010

1:4 sesame seed treats & turkish delight

another customer request, 1:4 scaled turkish delights and sesame seed treats.

commissioned Kristy of Mini Menagerie to make a mini Eva, actual Eva chomped down on her, luckily she released the tiny pooch after i shrieked in alarm. no animals were harmed in the process XD thank you Kristy!!!


  1. the sesame seeds are genius and mini eva is too cute!

  2. Cindy, the Turkish Delight is perfect!!! Do you have that in Singapore? I've only had it when I visited Turkey. I'm afraid if I visited Singapore, you and Sans would try to make me eat congealed blood cubes :S LOL
    I saw a real Maltese at the grocery store the other day and, of course, immediately thought of your Eva - it was so small and cute and well behaved, and I was so proud of myself that I knew what breed of dog it was (wouldn't have known before Eva).

  3. Kristy, you will love whatever that we feed you :):):):) ! So come come come!

    Cindy, that Turkish delight look so yummers. They have similar ones from India too. My bro bought me some. Will show you when you are here.

    So those sesame seeds are real right? :). They can be used to make tulips too.Don't let Eva eat the treats.

    Little Eva is tooooooooooo cute!! :). They both look crazy funny together.

  4. thanks mr pineapple man! i enjoy eating sesame seeds so this was quite an enjoyable challenge ^ ^

    Kristy, i don't ever recall trying turkish delights. they can be easily obtained here, but i'm not very fond of sweet treats....and the congealed blood cubes are rather tasty, really! XD haha you got Eva on your brain XD XD XD

    Sans, i've never seen sesame seeds that are barely 1mm long. those took forever to roll out T_T used to make tulips? i don't understand??? they're already packed away ready to be sent, heading out to the p.o. after i'm done moseying around online XD


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