Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1:3 mini mooncakes, and a kinda-sorta lizard-frog.....

a new commission calls for some mini mooncakes in 1:3. i decided to make a mold since i will be making a cut version, and thought i might also offer it on my etsy once i get some time to make stock and list items. i didn't have a mooncake mold, and so had to make it from scratch. the base was first made, baked, then the petals individulally put into place, and finally squished a ball of clay into the centre. the snowskin mooncake required translucent clay, and i opted to use FIMO translucent white since it bakes whiter than KATO does, and also will result in a fine matte finish. i dusted the mold with cornstarch before pressing in the ball of clay. since it was a test mooncake, i pressed in the 'cherry' colour and filling to see if it would show through the skin layer, i guess it does ^ ^ am so pleased with it, it really does look edible :O oh yeah, mooncake festival is nearing, right???

and here is my contest entry for the alien competition over on! thank you to those who voted for me, whether you knew it was mine or not ;) i voted for the aliens at the zoo because it made me chuckle real hard, i have been rather a softy lately for pets, probably cos i recently took Eva to the vet XD's the other 2 pics i submitted to show the detail.

i originally wanted to put more scales on her legs, but given that i only had time to make her during the extended deadline period of 2 days, i couldn't complete her as i ran out of clay :( her scales were made using a mix of leftover clay from my sushi and cucumber canes XD and since my oven was too small, i kept burning her feet, it was awkward placing her in position and i guess her toes must have touched the top heating element :(

see :( sadness.

 bf said he preferred the bulbous toes, and i guess they were more appropriate since i made the bulbous fingers first....i just liked the idea of clawed toes.........

T_T le sigh. had to snip off her feet ahhhh~~~!!! headless and footless!!!! XD

anyway. i also gave her chest a bit of detail to resemble something like...actually i donno. i -think- it looks 'cracked-shell-like'.

been a busy week, and i'll be even busier for the next month or so. am working on some 1:3/1:4 commissions, Dale is coming down to Singapore, have to plan out the lesson plans and tools/materials for when i start giving classes (prob July-Aug) etc...and i'm sure i'm forgetting many more items on the to-do list. dangit i really should use my whiteboard now that i have one....oh and i cut my hair, took about 8 inches off :O :O :O wanted to start swimming again, and decided after bf's observation that i was going bald (the final straw really) that the long hair was really, REALLY such a nuisance. see, the thing is, it's never about having the short, or the long hair, but the IN BETWEEN LENGTH hair..

i'll try and make the next post a more technical one regadring challenges of working in various scales from 1:3 down to 1:48. i don't care if nobody's interested, i am, and i do so enjoy thinking to myself........*taps chin*.......


  1. Oh I love your lizard-what-ever - voted for him/her in the contest :) I love the facial expression you've done, it's fab!

    And you have fab time with Dale, don't I envy her :)

  2. Cindy, I had no idea what a mooncake was but, thanks to your blog and Wikipedia, I do now. Yours look fantastic, and I would definitely make a mold of that because it sounds like a real pita to make, lol.
    And your alien!!!! OMG!!! LOL, I love her. The scales are awesome. I guess I missed this alien contest vote, so I didn't vote (sorry).

  3. I am very interested in your mould work. I haven't tried any yet as i am a real fimo beginner but I find your site very inspirational and I always learn something new.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. haha IRA! thank you! i didn't know what gender it would be until i started on her mouth and scales, and somehow as i worked 'she' emerged, with her gentle smile. i don't want a creepy alien staring back at me! so it became a She ^ ^ ahhh 6 days to Dale arriving!!!!

    Kristy, i posted this late last night and although it occurred to me for the briefest moment that i might have to add a link describing what mooncakes were, my sleepy mind slipped XD i'll go edit the post later :D snow skin mooncakes are YUMMEH! the skin is a slightly stretchier and less sweet version of marzipan, very fragrant too! i tried making one in 1:12 but failed, i'll try again when i have more time hee hee don't worry about not voting, i very nearly missed participating in the contest even! XD

    you're welcome Janice :) feel free to browse around and also do check out the links to the right, especially the glassattic polymer clay encyclopedia, i totally LOVE that site! (although it may be a tad outdated...)

  5. Love the moon cakes and your alien is so detailed and so whimsical! She doesn't look scary--just curious!


  6. totally love those mooncakes !! they look so delicious !!

    i really love your work, love the details !!

  7. you made the lizard?? thats awesome! and love the mooncakes and the video you showed me ;)

  8. Lizard? This is the most unrealistic lizard or frog ..LOL! But as GAIA, 100%! :) The mooncake too!

  9. Hey Sweetie!! I so enjoyed seeing your alien in person. :) It is so much better looking in person and while I'm not an alien lover ;) I really loved her! She's awesome. :)


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