Monday, September 1, 2014

Custom Requests Closed for 2014

Custom requests are closed for 2014. :(

Yes, the good old wrist brace is back T-T As some of you loyal readers may know (and thank you for following all this while!), I actually got myself this injury almost 2 decades ago from excessive gaming (Diablo II anyone?). It was further exacerbated by the crimping of the teeny cupcake wrappers, also why I stopped selling them individually. Looks like a recent order for 5 of the danish cookie tins has wrecked the hand again, even though I took care to pace myself :(

So, in a final *laughs stupidly at self* attempt at

(haha i took it off to type and it started to ache at the last sentence so now i'm typing with it back on)

let's try this again.

The swelling has gone down a little since last night, zheng gu shui FTW! But it is still very achy and throbby, so I will take it easy for these 2 days to see if I need to get to the doc again. I have actually gotten a diagnosis for it from a specialist before, hence the fastum gel and grotty brace, but the only thing I can do is NOT use/strain it. Good luck to me with that, I'm still tap tap tapping away with just my middle finger on my right hand hawhawhaw *stubborn*

I will still be fulfilling my current orders, thank you all so much for giving me the time to do what I do! I can still paint and such, but clay work is impossible for the moment, unless I train my left hand........


*painful chuckle* ok imma be a good girl and rest this it's attempting to communicate via morse code again


  1. I hope your wrist will get better soon and in the meantime don't post anything! ;) Take care and rest!

  2. Hope you are better again soon. Try and rest ...but as we all know it's hard to resist the urge to create. X

  3. Aww Cindy, that's too bad :( I hope that you feel better soon. Rest and do not post for awhile. We will wait for your return.

  4. Aww sweety. You obviously aren't pacing yourself >naughty-naughty< Too much work and not enough rest. Hope you feel better soon =0)

  5. I cannot imagine you pacing... I always think of you working lije crazy in a frenzy of ispiration.
    Please, take care
    Hugs Ro

  6. Take care of your injury Cindy. I know that not doing what you would like to do will be difficult for someone as actively productive as you are, but when your body says that you must rest, then you must.
    And I wish you a very speedy recovery



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