Saturday, August 9, 2014

Miniature Pizza slices and more butter cookies in 1:12 scale

 1:12 miniature mushroom and pepperoni pizza slices, air dry clay, acrylic paints, sealants

Heyo~! Here're more 1:12 items that I've made recently. I want to couple these slices with boxes and perhaps drinks, but I need to finish up some commission work first. Hope to do them when I get some free time!

 1:12 miniature danish butter cookies, polymer clay, soft pastel, craft sand, sealant, paper, decals, Inkscape, tin

So, I've been getting quite a number (okay okay, maybe only 5 or so) of requests for similar versions of these tins since they were sold back in 2011 :O How time flies! Anyway, I decided to go with a more faithful approach so the cookies look more like their life-sized counterparts. The tins were purchased off greedbay, and I made the liners, cookies and graphics myself!

One of the tins is already spoken for, but I did make an extra, and it is available here:


The past week has been a little busier than usual, as I finished up 3 large-ish requests, also because Ahma had not been feeling well, and was warded for a few nights just to make sure she was okay. I'm really close to her, and it sent me into all sorts of horrible panic attacks and crying in my sleep. But she's okay!!! I usually monitor her pill-taking (she's taking like, 7 different pills a day), but she'll require closer monitoring for her blood pressure, which seems to fluctuate rather wildly throughout the day, thus causing her giddiness/dizziness. The docs have sternly warned her not to go out on her own anymore. For a spritely 87-year old, that's not good news, but it is a relief to the rest of us who've tried to no avail to keep her from gallavanting for quite some years now.... we'll see how long she'll behave until she sneaks out again....-_-"""""  

Back to work!


  1. Wonderful work, Cindy! Everything looks so real. I am especially in awe of the butter cookies. Incredible!

  2. Ahhhh Ciindy! Your pizzas look good enough to eat and those butter cookies appear as if they would melt in your mouth! I find it Fascinating that you can achieve so much realism with all of the work that you show. Even the cookie papers look not only to scale but also the visual weight of them looks as it should!? What a master of your craft you are! :D



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