Sunday, November 25, 2012

See you on the 9th December 2012!

Which is also the day before my 36th birthday *koff koff* :X Asuka Sakumo, Fujiwara Yukino and Snowfern Clover will be exhibiting at TheEOY2012 thanks to a special invitation from Fujiwara Yukino! Bring your dolls down, as they are more than welcome to take photos at our booth!

As part of our collaboration, I have made some brand new 1:3 goodies :) Although I had previously mentioned that I will not be selling at the venue itself, I will be accepting pre-orders.

 1:3 Miniature Chocolate Mint Slice - USD$10/SGD$12 (2 available)
 1:3 Miniature Chocolate Strawberry Dome - USD$12/SGD$15 (RESERVED)
1:3 Miniature Chocolate Strawberry Tartlet - USD$12/SGD$15 (1 available)
 1:3 Miniature Fresh Fruit Tart - USD$50/SGD$61 (1 available)
 1:3 Miniature Mango Tartlet - USD$12/SGD$15 (GONE!!)
 1:3 Miniature Mixed Berry Meringue - USD$20/SGD$24 (2 available)
1:3 Miniature Mixed Berry Tartlet - USD$25/SGD$30 (RESERVED)
 1:3 Miniature Raspberry Chocolate Slice - USD$15/SGD$18 (2 available)
 1:3 Miniature Raspberry Clafoutis - USD$12/SGD$15 (1 available)
 1:3 Miniature Raspberry Vanilla Slice - USD$15/SGD$18 (2 available)
 1:3 Spinach and Bacon Quiche - USD$12/SGD$15 (1 available)
 1:3 Strawberry Roll - USD$12/SGD$15 (3 available)
1:3 Strawberry Slice - USD$18/SGD$22 (2 available)

 1:3 Miniature Macaron Tower Cake - USD$200/SGD$245 (1 available)
Macaron tower portion is removeable.
Approx 6 inches tall and 5 inches at widest from cake base to ribbon on top of macaron tower. Macaron tower portion is approx 2.5 inches at base and 3 inches tall.

All items are handmade by me out of mostly air dry clay, and sealed. They are splashproof but not waterproof. These are all collectible items, and NOT TOYS. 

Prices in USD for International Customers (Paypal Only), shipping date/price to be confirmed via e-mail depending on availability of items.
Prices in SGD for Local Customers, ATM/Bank transfers preferable (for self-collection on 9th December 2012 after 7pm at Marina Barrage, 50% non-refundable downpayment required for reservation)

If you wish to purchase these or pick them up on-site -after- the exhibit (after 7pm), kindly e-mail me at snowfern at gmail dot com to reserve your items. First come first serve only thank you! :)
I also have some other items for immediate sale :) I'm not sure how busy I will be, but it is likely I will also re-opening my DoA marketplace thread when I can :) Thank you for all the lovely e-mails regarding commission work via DoA, it has been a tough year for me, reading the words of encouragement has renewed my resolve to start selling again, and also in larger scales. ^ ^ I will however, -not- be opening up my commissions yet, and will update when things have settled a little more here. Thank you for your patience!

Here's a sneak preview. I will likely list these and put up the pricelist in a separate post tomorrow, so stay tuned! Have a grrrrrreat weekend!


  1. Hi Cindy!

    Truly gorgeous work!! Well done and hope you get lots of sales!

    Pei Li

  2. They are all great stuff! Watching Downton Abbey and thinking how some of these tarts would be lovely at the mansion :).

  3. I love your work and I waitanxious for your post about comission in DoA. ;3;~

  4. Hey Peili!

    Thanks so much for the encouragement ^ ^ We've got to catch up again soon eh!!

  5. Sansssss~~~ I've heard so much about Downton Abbey, gotta check it out......wah i just woke up still damn sleepy. Dreamt about you 2 nights ago, that you were gluing icecream sticks onto a plastic box XD

  6. Thanks Fran! DoA has been very kind to me!

  7. I wish I could go but I live too far away :(


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