Friday, November 9, 2012

1:3 Miniature Chocolate Tarts!

 1:3 miniature chocolate dome cake
It has been quite a mess in my room lately! A friend of mine asked if I was interested in working on a doll-related exhibit, and since Asuka and I had been looking for opportunities to work together again, this was an opportunity not to be missed!
 1:3 miniature chocolate treats. very figure-friendly, since they're inedible :S

I enjoy working on such projects, as it is reasonably less stressful. There's room to be creative, inventive as well as an opportunity to use up my ADC (air dry clay) stash. Some of my clay had hardened somewhat during storage (ADC usually has a shelf life, even in its original unopened packaging T-T), and although the weather has been quite humid lately, it also means I had more working time with the clay :)

1:3 Miniature Chocolate tart and dome cake
Strawberry slices fanned out look so purtee!~ Do you like my new logo too??? :P I intended to use this logo for my 'new website' (as you know, seems to always be WIP XD), but working on graphics is not my wrist/shoulder's best friend, amidst countless other excuses.....*blinks innocently*

 I mentioned to Asuka that these tarts look like they were baked by someone who's scrimping on ingredients. Somewhat mis-gauged the thickness of the 'mousse' layer, realized this only after I sliced it -_-"

So what is this event that we will be at? it is on the 9th of December 2012, and we'll be at the Doll Cafe @ EOY Cosplay Festival 2012!
(strange, the website was up earlier this afternoon, maybe there were some changes :-/)

I've got a number of items still in the works, as does Asuka, and Fujiwara Yukino! We won't be selling anything there, but please, drop by, take photos, and say hi if you can! :)


  1. Expect a text from me next week :) That new logo rocks! Love it love it love it. I mean the one on your blog now.

    I like the tart thin, like a skinny pizza.

  2. Your tarts are lovely. I love the strawberry embellishment.


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