Thursday, September 27, 2012

More WIP stuff

 Miniature Mud Crab, Raw Prawn, and Sea Breams - 1:12, polymer clay

HI!!!! the weather's been wet all day, and it's nice and cool now. my health has not been very co-operative, which means less opportunity to mini T-T but i haven't stopped, just not taken time to blog. I did update a number of these photos to my facebook page though *nudge nudge*


the mud crab was really fiddly but...I DID IT I DID IT! only took me like, 2 whole days to make this ONE crab XD WHATEVER, I DID ITTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!

Miniature Oysters - 1:12 polymer clay 

after my previous entry, re: last post on shellfish, i continued on the seafood theme and made these mini oysters, but my shoulder worsened (inflammation) so all mini work was halted in an attempt to get it properly healed, otherwise there's always this tendency to 'work through the pain', which isn't a good idea in the long run....i guess my posture while working on minis isn't the best, hunching over and squinting while working on items = frozen shoulder = OWWIES.

WIP, first attempts at Sea Bream and cooked prawns (poor blind seabream!! completed ones in first photo, click to enlarge)

 fish is SO FUN to make!!! Kiva makes some of the most realistic mini fish (and foods!) i'd seen, and she often blogs about how she gets on a fish kick, I CAN SEE WHY NOW!!! they were indeed fun to make, though i think i have to work on making them look less...smiley?

/grumble on
i've made a few more other types of seafoods, but they're all kinda jumbled up waiting to be assembled, i feel kinda guilty 'abandoning' them and even dreamt of the assemblage process last night -_-" but i find it so hard to feel motivated when i'm always in pain, or itching from my rashes (which in turn keeps me away from assembling the stuff cos i have to use resin, which would in turn cause my allergies to flare up...vicious cycle aiyaiyai)....waiting for the renovations outside my house (lift upgrading program zzzzzz) to be completed cos i think the dust etc is the cause of my sinus/skin issues.

/grumble off

alas, no space for a proper dollhouse, so smaller scenes would have to do for now! this thing is, in my books, MASSIVE!!! the base board is approx 30x40cm?!?!??

anyways. i was determined to get to work on this piece, which is to be a new 1:12 setting for phototaking, and also to practice on working with roomboxes/settings. the windows were made almost half a year back and had been sitting in a ziploc bag while i sorted out the moving stuff, and after 2 coats of gesso, i decided to take a break and catch up on this blogging thing. the rain means it's taking a little longer to dry, i think i'll continue on it tomorrow. can you guess what it's going to be? ;)

(no prizes, but it's not very obvious although i think most people would guess kitchen LOL)

((no, it's not going to be a kitchen :P ))


  1. You've done an amazing job on all the seafood, the crab in particular. I believe you when you say it took 2 days, but the effort shines through in the end result. Best wishes for imminent good health. Look forward to seeing your next project :). Bonny

  2. Gosh, I love your mini everything. XD The sea beams are so cute and everything's always so life-like. You're such a talent!

    I'm very excited to see how your miniature room looks like. Those windows look charming! I can't wait to make a room for my dolls, too, but do not have the space right now.


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