Friday, March 16, 2012

More Commissioned items in 1:4

i've been working on more commissioned works. I think i'm quite burnt out at this point, so i'll just repost what i've put on my dA journal.

Retinal burn and feeling burnt out. been working on cleaning up some graphics for another commission, spent far far too many hours (DAYS!) on it only because i'm quite more than a little obsessive compulsive about un-noticeable stuff. Staring at the monitor at the same spot for hours is leaving me with retinal burns that take a while to clear (saw a huge white letter 'S' for a few mins after i looked away from the image last night LOL) 

decided to limit my commission slots. made that decision last month really, have been working on wholesale/commission/custom orders since December, trying to catch up what with my various illnesses and on top of that giving lessons is wearing me out. i have some measure of social anxiety, meeting new people wreaks havoc on my gut and brain. not to mention, i'm not able to get my own ideas out of my head. and i'm still not done with commissions, customers have been kept waiting for over a month, and that's raising my anxiety levels to an uncomfortable level.

so before i crash (again!) i think it's time to round things up and try and concentrate on my own ideas etc. i've decided to place less importance on the business aspect, it is clearly not for me. i'll just sell whatever i can, and hope for the best XD

hope to also catch up to comments and looking around dA again :) take it easy everyone ^ ^

for more pics and updates, you can also view my flickr and facebook page. :) don't worry, i'm ok, i'll still be here, but i want to pace myself a little better this time. half my head of hair (whatever little is left!) is grey already!!!!


  1. YOU take it easy !!! I always told you that you care too much for details that noone will see or even loo for.
    I know you do that for yourselves but, please, take it easier!
    And pay attention to your eyes: you had a post image and this is NO good for your retina !!!!
    Big hugs, Rosanna

  2. It's nice to do commissions but in the end that's a lot of demand on your time. You're not the sort of person to do 'production line' work where the fine details are overlooked. I think getting back to enjoying your own designs and ideas will take a huge chunk of pressure from your shoulders.

    Take it easy sweets. Like we've both said's supposed to be fun =0)

    *bear hug*

  3. *hugs Rosanna*

    i know i know i'm not actually getting much done, this is me at a 'lazier' pace already!!! i just can't shake off the insanity of this stupid OCD thingamabing :(

    ok ok i'll just work at 'sub-par' rate (?!?!??!??!??!???!??!) NOOOO IMPOSSIBILITY!!! *more hairs turn white*

    huhuhu *twirls off crazily*

  4. *BEARHUGS Pepper*

    (takes deeep breath and sighs) yea. i had a sort of breakdown a week back...i think alot of the $ and business aspects are not for me. i have a fragile psyche, i'm sure it's pretty evident from my neurotic posts *embarrassed laughter*

    thanks so much for the advice and comfort. this blog really has brought me so much joy and genuine interaction, it helps me get through a lot of my anxieties :)

    there i go all being sappy and stuff again. hnghhhh

  5. Oh Cindy I want you go take care of yourself first! If you can't see, are too ill or tired or OC you can't even do the mini works that you love! That would be a huge shame considering many things but namely a waste of your incredible talent! And please try not to worry because we have all come to love you and the honest way you approach your blog and you are definitely NOT ALONE! The human condition coupled with any slight mental anguish can make life on a daily basis overwhelming to say the least so please just know that we understand and wish you all the happiness and self worth in the world!


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