Saturday, March 17, 2012

Miniature Rice Cakes, YUM!

had a very special request, and it seemed like a challenge, so i took it up....who knew it would nearly break me XD the hard part was all the graphic work....took me forever to clean it up and find suitable materials in making the packaging....i'm just relieved that i got it done and hope that my customer likes it!
these were quite yummy too :P but i think i preferred the caramel ones over the chocolate.....
dressed up the tins too. might re-list the old set with the graphics when i feel braver. right now i think; i need a break. *head throbs* it's lunch time anyhoos! but i want to get this posted so i can feel more relaxed for the weekend and enjoy it..

made this available on my neglected Etsy:
i hadn't wanted to post this until i was pretty sure some people got their sets first. though i might have ruined the surprise (maybe??) *blinks hard*

as well as this one:

ok~ off to grab some lunch! and then....ONLINE SHOPPING O.O (best of all it's not for myself haha)


  1. Cualquiera de esas maravillas se ven deliciosas y muy reales, enhorabuena

  2. Wow Cindy your work is absolute genius. Your custy has to be thrilled. So I'm wondering if there any way you could show the tool you made to make your cookies papers so I have some idea how to make one for my cupcake wrappers? Is it okay to ask you how to or rather 'how did u' ? Some people like to walk you through it where some won't even respond at all so I thought I'd ask. Of course I have a million questions! Lol No matter I'll always be a huge fan of your work my Dear! Mini hugs and such...

  3. I looooove rice cakes! It looks amazing as always. Going to tweet about it ;-)

  4. Hi Ascension! Thank you soo much :)

  5. Thanks Natasha for your kind comments, I've blogged a little about where to find a good tutorial online on how to make the liners here:

  6. Thanks Ann! ^ ^ (i went looking for them yesterday, can't seem to find it locally :( )

  7. It all looks great as usual!

    You never cease to amaze and impress me. Your graphics and finishing touches are always the best.

    I was in a panic, you are no longer in my blogger roll... is that because this is not a blogger blog? I thought I had lost you! *panic*

  8. Thanks so much Sanchichis! ^ ^

  9. Daaaale~~~

    after i read your comment i tried to figure out what was wrong (i had noticed a while back that my google friend connect was gone but hadn't had time to investigate)

    GOOGLE FRIEND CONNECT RETIRED ON 1st MAR 2012!!! aiieee. that's why people haven't been updated maybe?!?? :(

    well i hope i've found a fix for it, you might have to click "Join" again on the Member box on the's a towel, Don't Panic! XD


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