Thursday, July 7, 2011

Work and Play

Thank you Eva!! These beautiful gifts were from Eva when she visited Singapore last week, Asuka, Sans and I got together and Eva cooked a beautiful meal for us :D I overate as usual, so much salad (I was being cheeky and didn't say "when" early enough XD XD XD) so I guess it isn't too bad XD will wait for Sans to put up pics cos we used her camera hee hee.

i also got a beautiful little menu done by Asuka herself for TDA! she stayed up all night before TDA to make this...the results were well worth it! i've stored it away safely for when i get a doll *sighs* it's ok, at least i know there's one other person who thinks like me *winks at Jenn* XD Sans gave me a set of small teeny screwdrivers too, it seems we're always exchanging little handy tools and such for minimaking hehehe! NEVERENDING STORY XD in case you were wondering what the 3 items at the back left are, i bought some sanding sponge thingies from Daiso...the numbers are supposed to indicate the grit size i think....haven't tried them out but i plan to do a bit of woodwork when i can...soon.....soon......*sweat*

looks like my little photonook is filling up nicely with gifts from my friends around the world, i'm so happy to have met you, Dale, Rosanna and Eva :) so lucky so lucky! (i daren't put the acorn house and the frog in the nook, cos my shelves aren't held up by anything except some tacky glue XD)

doesn't end there! Rayner came back from a company trip to taiwan. he woke me at about 2am early monday morning to give me this...A HUGE DOMOKUN AHHH!!! I LOVE HIM! he's like this cute clumsy bumbly creature (eh, sounds familiar) and this would be my first Domo-kun related merchandise cos as much as i like him, and PLENTY OF OTHER CUTESY STUFF, i know that surely, if i indulged there would be hell to pay for it.

like a lack of a wardrobe HA!
or lack of a workspace. DOUBLE HA!

all nonsense aside, it really was a good weekend :) i've had to really sit down, compose myself, and get some 'real work' done though. the miniature workshop starts in about...2 more weeks...applications close in 3 days.

strangely, that's not what i worry about. for a few good years i've had to give private tuition, i don't think it would be all that different. me, talking non-stop (i'm good at that, check), faffing around details i find important but will probably not be (high points, check), baffling people with sudden topic shifts (oh look, birdy!).

where was i?

OH yes. 'work'. here's stuff i've put up on DoA know, usual procedure, or email me snowfern at gmail dot com yada yada yada....~

NPNT, so here they are! Io)

 uhnnnn i got distracted while waiting for the pics to upload, so a /random moment:

SO DAMN COOL. imma bead a little after i get some work done, got heaps of beads lying around from back when i did quite a bit of it XD

back to 'business'

oh~! i'm so happy! while creating this post, some of the items sold already! looks like i need to do some more pic editing @ @

eh. where did the time go. OH YA. btw, i've added more links to the take a look! ^ ^ man i really love playing spot the difference XD XD XD


  1. :o) You got some cool stuff!!! I really love your work! You are fun to "listen" to as well.

  2. Shucks, signup or not??? I will be travelling twice over the course of the next 4 weeks!!! Aiyah, will wait till we meet :). I have kind of decided that I won't start on clay his year :). More procrastination for me.

    I enjoyed the weekend too :). Berri berri much :)

  3. Arigato gozaimasu!! I spots the difference!! Btw, I also spot what I was looking for but it's 1:3...will email.


  4. Cindy!!!!! I was so so happy to meet you and Steph too!!! I had a very great time, I laugh a lot i amb a really lucky gal with all the goodies that all of you gave me. I will try your spongie clay! I promise...I can not wait :) :)
    Now we are in Kuala Lumpur, when I come back to home around July 18th I will post everything in my blog.
    Thank you so so much and a big beso (a kiss in Spanish)
    Keep in touch

  5. It sounds like your meeting was a fun one!

    Also... I want to eat some of those cakes!!

  6. Sounds so wonderful! :) What a great time, huh? :)

    Your work is looking so fab, Cindy, so impressive!

    Great you got new goodies, why there's always more room. ;)

  7. Thanks Amber :) it's just me rambling....since i don't get to talk much "IRL"....but once i do i can't stop ha!

  8. Sans, i know you, once you get into it, you do it super seriously! so don't worry, i'll be there if you need my help! ^ ^

  9. haha Alison! i did reply i did i did! :P i always play spot the difference at Sans' place tee hee...IS IT YOU THAT'S OUR NEXT VISITOR????? IS IT IS IT???

  10. Eva!!!! haha i'm expecting you're back already!! i will email you right after this, i owe you some recipes ;) can't wait to see what you do with the Daiso clay!

  11. Ann :) yarrrr it was fun!! don't eat don't eat no no noooooo

  12. Dale :D :D :D yea! after your visit, i told myself, hey, what is there to be afraid of and started to relax at the idea of meeting 'strange, new people' XD i still get the anxiety attacks the day before and the rambly mouth though....:(

  13. 'cause you met the strangest in me! lol ;)

    sorry, couldn't resist! :)


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