Wednesday, July 27, 2011

another competition! and some quick updates

I was recently alerted to a lantern-making competition, and am hoping to participate! I wasn't sure where more info could be found online, but a quick search on Google turned up this:

the brief can be downloaded on a link via the page itself.

Participation is free-of-charge. Pre-registration by 31 July 2011 is required to confirm your participation. All completed entries must be submitted to Central (6 Eu Tong Sen Street, above Clarke Quay MRT) on 15 August 2011, no later than 5pm Singapore time.

i hope to participate, but what with the stuff going on, i am not exactly hopeful :( we shall see!


been keeping busy, what with a strained neck and all (yea i forgot how heavy clay can get -_-"), hence the lack of updates. made a video to help with lesson #2 of the workshop this saturday.....getting the hang of editing videos. apologies for the poor quality, can't do much with my laptop overheating + virus (cleared with AVG) + crappy lighting/video skills.

not sure if i'll make more videos, depends on how effective they will be (if they can be shown at all!) during class. didn't provide a narrative cos i lost my mic,.... and i don't like the sound of my droning voice (it doesn't sound like me, or the me i think i sound like), so again the class will have to put up with my frantic breakneck speed explanations. :E

the first class went as well as could be, considering the class size and my lack of experience. i hope the students enjoyed at least some of it, i know i wasn't as concise as i'd liked (read: LONGWINDED), but i had a script all ready that sat untouched and unread on my table, that's how i tend to do things! i can't even follow -my own- directions -_-"""""""""""""""""""""""" zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

ah well. *heavy sighs*


made these the past few weeks, was meaning to list some of them, alas, my IBS kicked in and i was OOC for a few days, so that kinda messed up my schedule again. *fumes* i really wish my body would co-operate with my brain GAH.

WIP pics. i sent the above preview to Asuka, and remarked that it looked like a poker chip -_-" bf agrees.


preview. am setting up a workspace so i can conduct lessons on basic polymer clay caning. syllabus and details should be made available by September...2011 (hahah i said i'd start teaching aug last year....geez talk about slow)

more pics for another post, got some stuff to do, and my comp is not cooperating. *shakes fist at it* grr.


  1. The canes look absolutely amazing!I want rock candy now >< (haha it does sort of resemble a poker chip...a brightly coloured,kiddish poker chip XDDD) Thanks for sharing the strawberry video as well!Will (try to) make some using your video as reference (even though it has no commentary,it's still pretty useful.Sad that I couldn't attend the workshop!)~~Thank you very much :D

  2. You have been a busy bee. Haha... Love the earrings and the canes. I wish I am as productive as you are. Have fun with the classes! I have a feeling you will be great!

  3. Thank you Cindy for the tut, it's extremely useful. I'd have never thougt of using yellow on strawerries. Now I see that it's logical but before ? you are a genius!the canes are sooooo gooooood ! I love them all.
    Good luck with the lantern competition, a big hug, Rosanna

  4. You have made so much clay canning and the preparation for the classes!
    I can imagine how busy you were and you are now, Cindy!
    Good luck for the classes and I believe it’s definitely different experience. You must learn a lot too! Go go go!(I love the colors of the little bee!)


  5. hey, i love these. can i buy some?!

  6. OMG.. *faints* A tutorial!!! I really love that you always share how you do your craft. It makes amateurs like me hopeful and inspired. Your video made my day ^_^

  7. Dearie, the silence on the video is almost deafening...:) but I can see how this video can really work with you conducting the class live. The tutorial is very good.

    Your cane look exactly like the rock candy that I loved and my niece is addicted to.

    Spoke to my bro about the lantern festival and he is now working on one..guess what icon he's using?

    You know what? I am not sure how we are going to do ours. I think it is very hard to execute...:( As you say, we'll see how things go.

  8. hiii Jenn~!~~ sankew very much! ichokkei, you are a very bright young woman (ahem hee) and i'm sure even without my help, you will do great :) i'm -that- confident in your abilities! ^ ^

  9. Hey Betty, ltns! i always try my best to have fun in everything i do, why else do it, right? :) you'll find time, i'm sure, you're the 'caning queen' remember? ;) ;) ;)

  10. Rosanna! *huggles* nono credit doesn't go to me for the yellow portion, i came across variations to painting strawberries from mostly japanese websites! it seems it's pretty 'standard', i like the layering of colours, it does make the items more realistic, right?? ^ ^

    i really hope we have time to do the lantern competition, right now i'm still struggling with making videos on this crappy laptop :( BUT I AM HOPEFUL STILL!!

  11. Peiwen!! :D ho ho ho yea those canes took a loooong time, i only managed to make at most 2 designs a day due to the hot muggy weather.....must pace myself or my hands will hurt too!

    yes the classes are....interesting to say the least. very hectic, i will never again teach such a big class -_-" really overstretched myself.....but hey, i always enjoy a challenge LOL

  12. Hi Agent Orange! thanks for stopping by :) you can contact me at snowfern at gmail dot com for pricings and availability :)

  13. heh heh hi Kai :) it's not a full tutorial (don't plan on making those anytime soon, too intensive and laborious), but i hope it will pique the interest of those who are keen on starting the craft too ^ ^

    stay tuned, i'm about to finish editing another video :)

  14. SANSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSssssssssssssssss :E

    hruhurhurhurhur one would think at the rate i talk, i would enjoy the sound of my own voice right? *snort* i hope it works out during the class. we shall find out! :P

    ya ya they're meant to be rock candy, i just don't have the time to do the packaging yet....and i'm planning to sell a few as earrings, wondering if they'll be popular :S

    WOOHOO!!! i have no clue what he'll be doing ley. in fact i have no clue what we'll be doing :( maybe you should just go ahead and submit with him, i don't see how i'll be useful with my brain so scattered these few weeks :( :( :(

    will email you.

  15. Hello again! This tutorial is great! I'm amazed at how you handle the tiny little strawberry! :D I shall try to learn from your tutorial!

    Thanks again!

  16. Hi Cindy, thank you for your tut and tips on strawberries, I never noticed that paints will block the little holes poked on to the strawberries
    Painting thin, my strawberries look much more better now, thanks!

    By the way, the "poker chip" bee cane looks adorable. Made me think of Winne the Pooh xD.
    love your canes!


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