The Challenge is OVER!!! woohooo!!! Thanks for looking :D Hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I've enjoyed this project!

you can view the progress at the following links  ^ ^
OK! Since I've dedicated myself to the "I'm a Giant" blog challenge, I will chart my progress here...and add links to the blog posts (I might just update here, probably reverse chronologically? ionos we'll see...lots of things to do yet :S )

How I came to know about the challenge:

Progress Day 1:

Progress Day 2:

Progress Day 3:

Progress Day 4:

Progress Day 5:

Progress Day 6:

Progress Day 7:

Progress Day 8:

Progress Day 9:

Progress Day 10:


Additional Costs:
1 x Mounting Board - SGD$4.80 (Popular)
1 x Cardstock - SGD$2 (Daiso)
1 x 0.2mm PVC sheet - SGD$1.40 (Popular)
1 x A3 sticker sheet tiling - ~SGD$2 (Edited on Inkscape, printed at Xorex, image courtesy of )
1 x 4 wood strips - SGD$2 (Daiso)
1 x Metal Sticker Sheet - SGD$2 (Daiso)
1 x 0.15mm PVC sheet - SGD$4.80 (Art Friends)

Total additional cost - SGD$19!!! WOOO i'm surprised!!! XD
everything else was from my personal stash or swap items from friends. i shudder to consider the actual cost of building this if i had to make all new purchases :O