Sunday, April 12, 2015

Brew, 1:12 miniature scale coffee shop - Part 2-ish

1:12 scale miniature bubble tea and milkshakes (at the back!) - PVC, epoxy resin, acrylic paints, decals, microbeads

Hi~! It's a pretty warm Sunday here, and although I try not to work on weekends, there's so much to catch up on, and I am eager to complete a little more miniature work before wedding preparations go into full swing. :O

This post was supposed to be about how I put together some LED lighting for the customer area of the shop, but as usual, I mucked things up as I got tired of waiting for some LED bulbs to get here, and instead worked with surface mounted LEDs...ever since Pepper put up her video tutorial on how to make a doll lamp, I have been itching to try it out! 

But we all know how crappy I get with following instructions. Attention span of a gnat and all that.

 To be very honest, I'm surprised these photos even got taken at all. Looked up parallel circuits to confirm if my memory was correct, and Professor Google did not disappoint once again ^_^ 

I used dollhouse wire, 32 gauge by Houseworks. I wonder if it's the thinnest available, but it's the thinnest I found last year off ebay, so that's what I got. Though I think I'll save the remainder for when I'm more confident with wiring, shipping was exorbitant and cost almost as much as if not more than the wire *sigh* For future experiments, I'll probably use the wires inside some retired USB cables, if I can remember to do so......

For the lampshades, as usual, overthought stuff and worried about the lights bouncing off the ceiling, so I used these iron-on studs to act as reflectors, and some plastic caps off cheap pencils from a dollar store. Bad move with the iron-on studs, forgot they were metal and kept messing up the circuits until the realization, and /facepalm moment. After which I just coated the exposed wire bits with silicon glue and all was well again.

Sort of.

The plywood that held the circuitry was covered with a piece of plastic from a folder/file that I had lying around. Just plonked it onto the plywood with double-sided tape. I like the effect. 

Have I mentioned I tend to overthink things? Although I tested all the wiring before soldering it together, I only added the resistor near the very end. But of course, by using a resistor the lighting was rather dim. SIGH. But I was already COMMITTED to the project! XD 

*heavy sighs again* I have to remind myself of the law of diminishing returns, and stop obsessing......yikes.

ANYWAY. the black rods are straws and once the new LED bulbs (wide angled ones) finally get here, I'll rewire it. I like how it looks now, just not how dim it is.

Minecraft legomen are my current indulgence, from a neighbourhood gachapon machine :X

(I'm quite rubbish at sandbox games, not very imaginative :( But I RUVS Minecraft!)

Mishaps aside, also made these wee sodas and frappucinos. I want to make more videos, and although I was all ready to do a brief introduction to vacuumforming video, the headphones that I bought yesterday were analog, and I had not realizied that the replacement laptop I am now using did not have a mic port T-T. Which means I either have to

1) get an adaptor which would cost more than the headphones
2) get a USB headset

I can't even get an exchange as in my excitement to get started, I opened up the box, as if this weren't bad enough, the receipt was with my cousin GRARRGHHHH RAWRRRRRRRRR well. Dad has a new headset now XD

Super super irritated at myself, 
 I'm becoming seriously more forgetful and distractible over the past year. Age is definitely catching up with me......GYARRGHHH

k. Next post. Then I gotta get going. 


  1. Hi Cindy, you did a great job of the lamps - the plastic shades are inspired. Surface mounted LED's don't throw a great deal of light out anyway so I doubt the resistor made too much difference. They look very cool as spot lights =0)

    1. Pepperrrr!! Your tutorial worked a charm! But my shaky hands did not haha! I kept melting the sticky tape instead of heating the connections! The SM LEDs were quite bright when i tested the circuits before adding the resistor :(....anyway it is good practice ^_^ thanks for cheering me on!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Your lights look great. Thanks for the tutorial tip :-)

    1. You're welcome! Pepper has a number of other great tutorials too!

    2. You're welcome! Pepper has a number of other great tutorials too!

  3. Wow, your miniatures look realistic! I came here after looking at your instructables tutorial on the LED platform. Every single clay object you make looks like the real item! You are so talented. I also love making miniatures, but I have problems with my ever-hardening air dry clay :( I've wanted to use polymer clay, but using the oven is a hassle... I couldn't even make detailed miniatures without the clay drying out first! And I have a huge problem of getting props(plates, baskets etc.) to display my creations. Chinatown sells them, but so far I've only found one shop, and they sell very expensive, so I've been looking around, seeing if I can make those props instead. But haiz.... now I don't have oven and mold, so can't vacuum form either... I can't wait to see more of your inventions, they're to beautiful!
    Maybe you can start teaching lessons? So amateurs like use can learn from experts like you! Also, have you heard of Mini Maker Faire? You can showcase your creations there! This year's MMF just passed, but you can join next year :) You also sell your creations there, but the main thing is to showcase your creativity, and encourage the Making spirit to young Singaporeans.
    P.S. I love minecraft too! Maybe we can talk through email?

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