Thursday, November 20, 2014

1:48 scale dollhouse miniature foods

Finally, a 'proper' update for this smaller scales blog :) For those who are keen on my larger scaled, BJD items, I have updated over at on where you can purchase some of the items made for SGDC2014!

Meanwhile, here's a quick update on a commission that I accepted in July 2014, but due to a pretty lengthy injury and mad preparations for SGDC2014, I didn't get much time to work on till this week! Luckily, my customer didn't need it immediately, and gave me time to recover and concentrate on his order :)

There are still a few components to work on, but again, I stupidly sprained my index finger taking photos for my new online store, aiee, why do I keep getting into such awkward situations :(

As I've explained in my other blog, I can't afford the Etsy fees, so I will try to list more over at tictail than Etsy, but I will still keep the Etsy store open for printables and smaller items, scale and price wise :)

Yup. That's the finger I sprained :( It hurts typing and I hadn't realized how reliant I am on it till now. Ah well. :-/

These vegetables were made out of polymer clay, and they are reaaaalllyyyy fiddly. I finished them with highlights using acrylic paints. The onions and leeks were finished off with teeny thread fibres to simulate the roots....not sure if you can see them....not sure why I needed to add them either, guess many people's observations were accurate, I am insane.

They are in 1:35 scale, though I made them thinking they should be in 1:48, so I was relieved to have some leeway in terms of sizing. In case anyone was wondering why I keep going on and on about scale, these food items are meant to go into a 1:35 scale model that my customer is building, and so I wanted to make sure they scale nicely against his beautiful workmanship! I have seen preview photos of the stall, and am so excited to be part of the project! I will ask for permission from him to share his photos once I am done with his requests, so stay tuned for that! :D

Have a great day! WEEKEND IS ALMOST HERE!!!! woot WOOT!


  1. Geniales y en un tamaño tan pequeño!!!!!

  2. Perfect work, Cindy, what amazing and tiny work! How can you see well where you're working on...???
    I hope your finger will be better soon :).
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Can see the fibres -- I'm sure even more so in person -- it's worth it! (Except you still must take care of yourself...) Beautiful!


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