Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A drink for the 1:12 tidbits stallholder....

1:12 scale dollhouse miniature milk coffee tins (aluminum, epoxy resin, acrylic paint, Inkscape, paper, glue, raffia string)

I am back from FAM2014!! It was a super fun and hectic weekend, I will try to blog about it in detail as per last few events, but meanwhile, am excited to continue work on some ongoing projects, namely the 80s Singapore tidbits stall :) I imagine the stallholder taking coffeebreaks, and this is one of the most popular ways to order a to-go coffee in Singapore when I was a kid!

 The tin cans had to be made first, and like the biscuit tins, I used actual disposable 'pie' trays (which are thicker than aluminum foil) and glue to hold everything together. Then also making sure to glue all edges before adding the resin, to ensure no leakage.

As for the label, I referenced some old photos found online, and picked out elements which I recall best matched my childhood recollection of the tins and printed it out on regular A4 paper, spray sealed, and stuck it onto the tins after the resin had set.

It took me, oh, all of 6 hours to do it, inclusive of all the whining and procrastinating that comes with graphic/editing work :X Poor Asuka and Chun bore the brunt of it this time XD XD XD Thank you two for putting up with my nonsense!!! :X

There is more news coming up in my next post! Those who are following the Snowfern Clover facebook page probably know about it already, but I'll do up a proper post on it soon, quite excited!!!


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