Thursday, January 23, 2014

Dollhouse Miniature Biscuits 1:12 - part 2

 1:12 scale miniature sugar gem biscuits (again!), air dry clay

Compare and contrast!

2009 versions, polymer clay
These sugar gem biscuits are still pretty popular these days :) Back in April 2009 (!) I attempted to reproduce them in mini using polymer clay. Since they weren't strictly 1:12 back then, I never did quite let it go, and seeing as how it would fit great in my latest 80's Singapore project, here they are again! 

1:12 miniature cream crackers, air dry clay
Classic cream crackers. As usual, I tried to print the tiny letters onto the crackers...they're supposed to read "cream khong guan crackers" but .....the detail didn't come out so well :( will try again another time, kinda running low on time and I still have loads more to do......have to keep reminding myself that they're going into the tins and nobody's going to care anyway.....*heart pain~~~*

Also, I tried to edit a video but the stupid movie maker exports my video into a gibberish mess (audio is still intact though). I don't know what I'm doing wrong, and after wasting 3 hours on it, I GIVE UP.

at least, until it bugs me enough again. GRARRGHHGHGHHHHHHH STAY FOCUSSED CINDY


  1. Really amazing! Love seeing your work -- thanks!

  2. Tienen una pinta deliciosa, la caja de galletas me encanta es perfecta.
    Un abrazo.


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