Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Miniature Croquembouche in 1:12

For those who have been following my Instagram, here's what the little choux buns were destined for....

croquembouches! I've always wanted to make 'em but it just seemed a little like too much repetitive work. i was tempted to, but resisted counting the number of cream puffs that went into each tower. You know how when things just seem too daunting in the mind and never materialize due to that? No? Just me then? UNPOSSIBLE.



while thinking about how to decorate them, i had to first settle on a colour scheme. Much as I hate to admit it, I have finally fallen into pink this stage of my life. Having never been a 'girly-girl' (grandma has audibly noted several times the funereal theme of my wardrobe), this comes as quite a surprise to me. heck, even my new spectacle frames are a pale/translucent pink. the colour makes me look pale and sickly, which is a pretty accurate description of my physical state. of which i'll update later.

I also wanted to do a more classic version, at least, what i think is classic. Probably would prefer this one too, given my love for all things caramel. mmm my teeth ache just thinking about it. here's a medium version (will make smaller stacks once i sort out the hundred little itty bitty other things i have on my workspace)

AAAANDDDDDDDDDD a tall version. the only cream puffs i've really enjoyed are from Beard Papa, and really can't imagine it with a crunchy caramel coat. nmmmmmm. These miniature towers are pretty small, you can view more photos of them, and measurements, over on my Etsy store:

have also re-listed the charlotte cakes. please go have a look! Apologies for all the watermarking, i hate doing it, but lately a number of my photos have been used without my permission :( I'm super happy when people share my work but please please do credit me for them. a lot of work went into my creations, and usually this stuff doesn't quite bother me, but recently i was made to feel as if i were in the wrong to ask to be credited for my photo. which is absurd, doncha think? ah well.


healthwise, i have finally gotten a diagnosis on why my monthlies have been increasingly painful, to the point the 'regular' painkillers don't work, leaving me in a sobbing heap for at least a week each month. Not just that, at least a week before the mess starts, i'm all moody and crabby, which to some might seem my regular temperament (hurhur) but it's just a pain to deal with. and then the week -after- the mess, i'm all unstable maybe due to painkiller withdrawals or fatigue from the debilitating pains. which leaves me just a week each month to catch up on minis and feeling 'regular'. and that's been going for the past year or so! PMS = perpetual monster syndrome it seems. so what is this that has been messing me up? Adenomyosis. given i'm still of childbearing age, late as it might seem, the gynae said if not for just that fact, he would suggest i go for a hysterectomy. oh and guess what, i'm one of the 10% of women who have endometriosis too. i always knew i was shpeshul. *smirk*

*heavy sighs*

well i've come to terms with all that. i know it's pretty personal stuff, and although i feel odd sharing it, i feel almost as if i had to explain myself, why i've turned down interviews, tv appearances, commissions etc...and the personal health stuff is just the least of what's going on at home. it's all scary, and anxiety levels are at an all-time high, but with the help of my bf and close friends, i'm actually coping quite well, all-things-considered. i hope the painkillers work, gonna start on a chinese medicine regime (bai feng wan?) and hope it doesn't clash with my heart meds. if else, would have to consider other options, and will delay the inevitable(?) for as long as possible. in some ways, there's also a sense of loss, for all the time and opportunities wasted due to this ailment, but there's also a sense of relief, where this is not just all in my mind. among other complex and unnecessary feelings and thoughts i have. grargh.

that was cathartic. thanks for reading. off to rest now, the wonky hip is aching badly from sitting here all day squinting at tiny buns LOL


  1. Dearie,first of all your work is lovely, my favourite being the simplest crunchy caramel one. Which, BTW, tastes heveanly in real life.
    Second, I am sorry to read about your poor health, I truly wish that you'll find some help and relief in any kind of medicine/treatment/sorcery you can get your hands on.
    Big tight hugs, Ro

    1. *big tight hugs*

      i hope you're all healed up too. sounds like you've had a bad luck streak too :( *shakes fists at the clouds* grrrrr!

  2. Hummmm!!! Que rico todo!!!! Y yo sin merendar. Yo tampoco soy muy fan del color rosa pero ahí queda genial. Besos


    1. thank you Auxi :) yes it is a colour i am learning to love (sorry I don't speak your language (Spanish?) and I hope i didn't misunderstand googletranslate!)

  3. Hi Cindy! I am glad that you are finally able to put a name to what has been putting you through the mill, for such a long time. I know that the medical system will often discount the symptoms that you have, and say that it is a mental problem rather than a physical one. This same kind of thing had happened to me also, and then I finally got it taken seriously and then I was able to proceed with a reliable treatment. It is such a shame that you had to suffer so much for so long before this
    became addressed, but at least Now you know that there is a way to get it all sorted out. Hard to do when you don't know exactly what it is that ails you.

    Now as to your Fantastic Desserts! All I can say is Woww! You have nailed these delicious little treats 100% ! I love them all! The pink spun sugar is a MARVEL what enormous skills you have, Cindy. I can never get enough!


    1. Hi Elizabeth *waves enthusiastically*

      i hope your own medical problems are sorted out. the delayed diagnosis was more due to the way subsidized health works in Singapore, had to wait a few weeks for my initial ultrasound, and then another few months for the gynae appointment. i take some responsibility for not sussing it out earlier, cos painful menses has always been a problem for me, it's only the past year that i could no longer tolerate and started getting depressed over it.

      HOW DEPRESSING! ANYWAY i too hope to sort this out and get on with more minimaking. :)

  4. Se ven elegantes finos y sobre todo....deliciosos!!! Un perfecto trabajo,mi favorito el sencillo de caramelo!!

    1. PILAR!!! :D :D long time no chat :D yes i love caramel too (though i really shouldn't!!) XD XD XD

  5. Oh no, I hope that the meds all work and that you feel better soon! You do beautiful work and it is a delight to people all around the world. Best wishes.

    1. thank you for the encouragement :D i will try my best to squeeze more work in while i can :D :D

  6. thanks so much for the support and encouraging words everyone :) tried to reply individually but i can't find the settings for it :( *purses mouth grimly and goes off to figure it out*


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