Monday, January 14, 2013

Miniature Taiwanese Street Snacks in 1:3 scale

 Happy New Year! I am seldom late in real life, but online, well, let's just say there are too many distractions :P Here's the result of a request I got just before the New Year (I think?) from a friend, I love working with her because her ideas are always in line with what I love to eat (or should I say 'used to' now that I'm on a diet!)...and given the opportunity to make it, of course I couldn't resist the challenge :E

Miniature Bubble Teas - 1:3 scale

 the popular Bubble Teas! :D i love making these, but am quite allergic to the resin, so i think i'll limit production on them for a while.....

Miniature Fizzy Drinks - 1:3 scale 

  Miniature Portuguese Egg Tarts - 1:3 Scale

craving some right now. :X closest I can get some is probably...KFC?

Miniature Sweet Potato Fries - 1:3 scale

Miniature Fried Silver Fish - 1:3 Scale

these are pretty awesome to snack on, though I have only really tried them at this porridge (I think) store at Chinatown hawker centre. see quite a lot of ahpeks (local term for old men/uncles) snacking on them with beer.....
Miniature Taiwanese Chicken Cutlet - 1:3 scale
Used to snack on this quite frequently, probably why i had to get on this diet XD

 1:3 bamboo skewer!!! and plastic bag!!! all made by me too! all 3 fried snacks have different sorts of batter, and i am immensely pleased with the results ^ ^ i know my friend is, her replies to these pics made me blush *^_^*

all made with air dry clay :)

okay, that's all the concentration i can give right now, going off to rest, been a rough few weeks, going for my checkups/bloodwork and taking grandma and brother for -their- appointments/emergencies. Chinese New Year is approaching too, have been doing some cleaning but it never seems to end, ey?

have to catch up with my blogreading soon too, feel a little disconnected....hope 2013 has been good so far for everyone!!


  1. Such perfection! I love gazing at your work, it is always so amazing! :D


  2. Dear Cindy,

    You are magical.

    <3 Me

    Honestly though, I'm very impressed with everything you've made since you stopped taking commissions (mostly). It seems like working on the things you WANT to work on has really boosted your abilities.

    I also wanted to thank you for posting your work, you are a constant inspiration to me.

  3. Your work is great, I'm sorry you're allergic to resin because it really is the best effect for specific jobs. I'm sorry you've had it rough lately and feel disconnected but I hope you find yourself confident in positively moving forward. Thanks for sharing your art I strive to be this good.


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