Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Starting 2011

huhuhu!! i got some lovely gifts over the holidays!! they were quite a surprise as i don't celebrate christmas, but i definitely appreciate the sentiment and i adore them greatly ^ ^

firstly, see the colourful background???it is a wonderful tokidoki calendar from DALE!!!  i'm not sure how she knew, but maybe it's quite evident that i adore cutesy kawaii stuff, i just never could justify splurging on tokidoki items as over here in SG it's more than 'quite expensive' (to me anyway), so it's really quite a treat!! i originally planned on hanging it up on the side of my desk/shelving unit, but i've found another way of using it :E woohoo!!!

next was from Rosanna who put together a christmassy package of a cookie 'snowman' soft toy, which bf remarked immediately, "i thought that was a bun." (he must have been hungry) , a set of 3 differently sized cookie cutter sets (SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!), a little chef figurine (seated next to Yotsuba) and a chocolate star :D at least i hope it's chocolate, i didn't see a wick so it could not be a candle, right? *furrows brows*

and the biggest surprise, a Reac chair from Sans! :O i'm so tickled and overjoyed by it because just the day before i received it, i had been planning on making some mini gummy kisses, you know the kind? and i was even puckering my lips, trying to imagine how to make them.... anyway i couldn't help but giggle when holding it in my hands, not only do i have a designer chair (SNORT!!), Yotsuba had better keep her crayons off it!! XD just re-living opening that box is making my insides squeal and chuckle a bit......i think i rikes the kitsch :P

and then! i also had these arrive from Eve! she had wanted to do a swap and as always when a swap is requested, i would ask for supplies...i already own a beautiful  prep board that i won previously on one of her blog giveaways, so i didn't ask for some of her works :D i do hope her parcel arrives soon, there have been delays due to the weather and holiday load :(

and, on starting 2011 with something new....

i had been invited to participate in a mini 365 project, over on flickr...the goal is to take a photograph of miniatures for each day of the year. now, this is to me a rather monumental project as i'm rather commitment-shy (almost phobic) but hey, i'll give it a go :) i have LOADS of Re-ment and assorted other miniatures (sylvanian, gashapon toys, random cellphone straps etc) that would appreciate a little dusting off after sitting in their storage boxes these past few years. and true to form, i mis-remembered the date and posted tomorrow's pic today (i'd prepared a weeks' worth of pics). note the background?!???! TEE HEE HEE!!!! yep, it's the tokidoki calendar! ^ ^

anyway, i also realized it's the day after Asuka's birthday, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY ASUKA!!!


  1. Hi dearie, glad you liked your toys.
    The star is a sugar candy, no chocolate I'm afraid.
    Have a nice day and thank you for your wshes. Hugs Rosanna

  2. I knew the chair will fit Yotsuba! Give her a red dress, Cindy so that she has something to wear when she's feeling kitsch! :)


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