Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i dragged L down to mdm ang's miniature workshop at sunshine plaza before my appt, that place is...*swoon* i could barely contain my joy! mdm ang is such a warm and generous lady, she chatted and shared loads of tips and tricks and ideas! even gave me a round-down discount on the items L purchased for me ^ ^

the stamp is from a scrapbook shop in plaza sing, i'm not sure what i'm going to do with it and polymer clay yet, but my brain is teeming with ideas! i'm sure i'll come up with something :)

the 'handmade paper' is from daiso, L spotted the last pack and i couldn't say no, could i? ;)


in other news, docs think the lump looks benign, so they're not fiddling with it anymore, at least not for 2 more months. the EBV panel came out half positive and half negative, the good news is the more suspicious one for cancer returned negative. so i guess i needn't worry too much, at least not for 2 more months > <

to hell with the atypical-cells-unable-to-confirm-malignancy biopsy result eh? :S

i'm going to return to my half-a-happy-pill dosage from today onward, i don't think i need the added boost now that the blood test result seems...optimistic. poor L. i will make an added effort to keep my mood up. or at least, not be as snappy as i used to. :S

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