Wednesday, June 29, 2011

some more 1:3 items

group shot! here are somemore 1:3 items for a customer. the taiyaki isn't exactly 1:3, but she liked it and yea, it does look like a cracker of some sort anyway.

almost all components of the bento box are made out of air dry clay. only the bottom half of the box is glued down, and for the first time ever, i've signed and dated the base :P i seldom get such elaborate requests, so i'm pretty pleased at the results of my first ever commissioned bento box! yay!

closer look. the box is actually a mini soap box out of a travel kit i got from Daiso ;)

donuts, a coupla cookies, and some frosted cupcakes with 'pearls'. the only items made out of polymer clay here are the cookies, cos i can't seem to find a nicer ADC option to 'frosted' finish than PC.

also made some cheese wedges and crackers. crackers are made out of polymer clay,'s also really hard to work on ADC (for me anyway) when it comes to such thin pieces....

i'm testing out also a new photoshoot area, picked up a few lights from IKEA, cleaned up my desk so i can update my customer. hope she likes the work so far :S

and of course, i made a few extras since it's hard to mix the exact quantities of frosting and such.....don't feel like wasting it :P if anyone is keen you can email me at snowfern at gmail dot com for more details :)

k, got some other stuff to do...oh it's already time for bed :S nice and cool here after the light rain~~


  1. Oh, these donuts are just mouthwatering.. And the cupcakes and cookies, crackers are very beautiful!

  2. I'm sorry for being a newbie but i can't figure out how to follow your blog :S
    It sais under your profile 'Follow Me!' but can't find a link to do so :X

    i appreciate the help

    Keep on with your great work and experiment documentations :P

  3. Have you looked into building a light box for your photos?

    I just finished mine a few weeks ago and I've been playing with it and my camera. I still cheat and adjust my photos on the computer because I still don't know how to use my camera properly...

  4. Oh, I wanted to add that I'm really impressed by your bento box! The grains of rice look so real!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous work Honey. I'm sure your buyer will be thrilled =0)

  6. The bento box makes me hungry. I need to look for some food now. :P
    Have a great weekend, Cindy!

  7. I found it! the button wasn't showing
    Thanks anyway :)

  8. Woman!!! Those bento boxes are INCREDIBLE! The rice!!! Your hands didn't drop off from all that chopping? Or did you use real rice ? teehee :)

    The crackers are so real.

    Don't forget our meet in Saturday!! Come early? Want to bring Eva to our own mini museum :):).

  9. Yummy!! Great job as always!

  10. Beautiful bento! The kiwi slices are the most realistic I've seen :)

  11. You see, the thing I really dislike about 1:3 scale food is that it is big enough to be normal food and sometimes I might be tempted to eat it! LOL

    Needless to say.. they look good enough to eat!

  12. Wahhh!! this is a new record, 11 comments (ya i even count the 'return' comments XD) ^ ^

    Thanks good to see some 'old' faces here ^ ^ ....omg TMRW IS SATURDAY! gotta head to p.o. now.....


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