Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Doll Affair 2011 - roundup and fond memories

GAH! it was such a flurry of activity at our booth yesterday, i didn't even get a chance to take pics of my booth! this is just a mock setup i showed Asuka on friday. i do hope that those who took pics wouldn't mind passing along links to their pics so that i can enjoy a virtual tour of the event, which is just silly seeing as how i was kinda sorta there T-T will really appreciate it! so far i know only one acquaintance who has put up pics, you can view them here:

Thanks, Sossage! ^ ^

so to my readers who were looking forward to pics, GOMENASAI~~ T-T i hope you don't mind a worded account of what i can remember....

i had an awesomely AWESOME time, it all started with breakfast with Asuka, who is not only supertalented, she is also my closest 'mini' friend, boothmate, and overall cutiepiepanda :P we staggered our way to the convention hall and thankfully did not get totally lost! hee! we started our setup a little before 10am, it was loud, crazy, and funny as Asuka and i giggled and roared our way through our displays. damn noisy, sorry to our neighbouring boothmates :X

CH was there early, so we caught up as quickly as we could (dammit i really wish i could play 3D games, stupid motion sickness, <3 your new haircut!) chatted swiftly with Aki (i can't believe i didn't get a chance to view her booth except from the side, haha it was always crowded!), who got me mad insane about wanting an Unoa. only managed to chat with Jo a little, her adorable outfits sold pretty quickly, by the final hour i believe she was already 'stripping' some of her models XD XD XD. also stopped by Rui's booth, her blog is chock full of tips on air dry clay and deco items, made me wish i had discovered it earlier (only found her blog like, 2 days before TDA T-T or maybe earlier than that but i forget SORRY!!!!) Stephanie dropped by a few times our booth, she's always so sweet and fun to chat with ^ ^ looking forward to her pics and her GORGEOUS dolls! it was sooo nice seeing all the familiar faces from the last TDA! please check out their blogs/flickrs :) i 'stalk' them cos wahhh i so want a doll too *desperate* ehhehe 

ooo so much link love XD

my cousin, Denise, helped me out again this year ^ ^ she makes me feel so anchored, i don't think i'd want to do any events without her....we grew up together and although she's 2 mths younger than i am, she's much wiser, she's taught me sooo much (esp social skills), i'd be a much stupider person without her :) <3 you much ^ ^ she helped gently nudge and guide me as i ran circles around myself all frazzled. 

last but not least, we had a guest appearance by Sans!!! thank you for coming down to lend us your support ley, you caught me at a really bad time, could you tell i was panicking???? i frantically messaged my cousin trying to hold myself together once the doors opened ROFL!!!! see you in 2 weeks!!!

to be frank, the whole morning i was a zombie and on auto mode..i still feel a little that way really! 
(hahah am chatting with Asuka online now, am kicking myself for my shitty looking booth HAHAH serves me right for being so ambitious and yet......GAH ANYWAY MOVE ALONG MOVE ALONG!)

 ok la, i gotta head out, let's finish this up and write a little more cohesively if and when i get pics from friends ok??? Asuka is sending me some now as i type :) so here are pics of what i got, AFTER the event -_-" Denise had just returned from a trip to Bangkok, she got me a lovely Naraya (sp?) bag! ok admittedly it is not a style i'm used to, it's time i learn to add colour to my life. i'm glad that she picked a colour 'other-than-black' hehehheh. not so good news for the bf, who often helps me carry my bag when i'm in pain (which is pretty often dayum). so funny, when i showed it to dad, without missing a beat he went "that would go much better if you wore a dress"...i had to crack up cos after i replied, "Eh! you also know i don't wear dresses one." he went "i give you some $, you get yourself some nice clothes ok??" OMG OMG hahah i think i'll forever be a little girl in his heart. :) oh yeh, today's father's day....i want to get something nice for him later. he's not been well lately, i'm monitoring him and he's ok, but imma try and convince him to see a doc earlier than his scheduled appointment. oops, rambled....

and then, eagle-eyed Asuka spotted these CUTE CUTE CUTE punches at carrefour!!! we'd just come out of a nom-nom japanese dinner, and whaddya know, GACHAPON MACHINES!!! TEEHEE i got 2 of these stitches, the matching one is now with Denise ^ ^ i'm glad, cos it now replaces the hot dog one that i got at STGCC last year :( i donno how but i lost it some time last month T-T

it has been a memorable experience. i want to write a more personal entry, but i shy la :P i'll probably do that over on my more personal journal at deviantArt later if anyone cares to read it :P

ok! it's Date Day Sunday, gotta get ready to head out, have some commissions to complete and preparations yet for the workshop, and that catalogue that never seems to materialize GAH! but it's SUNDAY!! *whines*

say hi to me! i promise to reply a lot sooner this time (HAHAHAH omg you still trust me after hearing that so many times???) and and i didn't forget my promise about the giveaway, which will come up in my next post ;) please comment IN THIS POST to tell me what you would like to see as gifts, and i'll take inspiration from that to create the giveaway post.

my heart feels like it's swelling with love today. <3 YOU ALL!!! (OMG I"M HIGH)


  1. hahahah i can totally feel the high-ness in this entry, i still sorta feel that way too. :) i wish i had taken more photos at the event too. It was great seeing you, would have talked more to you if your booth wasn't continually swamped! heehee.

  2. Hi Cindy, great job on your display!! It is gorgeous!!! The spaghetti looks yummy :) Seems like you had a blast!

    Pei Li

  3. Cheeeeeeee :) Happy that you enjoyed the event!!!! I figured that you wouldn't have pics cause you'd be too busy with buyers :) Enjoyed your post, even the ramblings...hope your dad feels better soon.

  4. You're so silly! But it sounded like you had a wonderful time.. hope you can find those pictures too! I'd love to see them.

  5. haha ya Jocelyn! the whole event was pretty cool yea! glad it all worked out! was that your bf? he had eye surgery? alamak you drag him down somemore? hehe he's so nice :)

    Thanks Peili! looking forward to seeing you in August ^ ^ we have a DATE! i wanted to join your giveaway, not that i'd win but paiseh la haha ! your work is so awesome, i hope to be able to achieve that level some day ^ ^

    Chheeee??? LOL Alison!!! *HUGS* omg omg omg it was FRENETIC! i totally underestimated everything this year.....especially myself, can you believe i only got the pricelist up at 2.45 am the previous night? HAHAH my customers must have been like -_-" zzzz cos i kept having to check what my own prices were!!!! DOH! and thanks, i managed to make some doc appts for tmrw morning....i don't know what's going on with him :( he says it's probably anxiety too (he'd been trying to finish writing his management book for over a year now!)

    Ann BLEH! i -am-= silly! sorry about the spammage, i had to stop cos your wordpress warned me that i was commenting too rapidly LMAO! i have put up more pics on my latest post hehehe i'm still looking on local forums for more pics, i myself didn't even get to see half the hall :( (the right half, cos i took the other route for the ONE toilet break i took the whole day LOL!)

  6. hhaha Cindy, yarr he had eye surgery, but there were some super last minute cock-ups with my initial assistant, so he kindly volunteered himself. He should have just cosplayed as a one-eyed character la, would have looked more in place heehee. kk shall not turn this into a chatting ground. Take care of yourself and hope no new allergies emerge!! -crossing fingers. :)

  7. Hi Cindy,

    Why paiseh??? It's a giveaway mah...You already achieved that high standard you know that?! Your pastries are so amazing, I'm serious!! See you in August!!

    Pei Li

  8. hurhur thanks Jocelyn :)

    Peili LOL is paiseh la...*grin* wahhh don't praise me like that ley will make me even more paiseh! ok ok SEE YOU IN AUGUST!! *grins at our SUPER DUPER TOP SECRET ONLY 5 PEOPLE IN THE UNIVERSE KNOWS*

  9. It was great meeting you that day, Cindy! Sorry for the late comment by the way, been busy xD


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